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Oct 28, 2006 03:55 PM

ISO Rugelach

Hey 'hounders,
Could anyone recommend me a couple of places where I can find great rugelach (prefer chocolate but anything goes)? I've tried a few brands from Zabar's (e.g. Green's) and it left me disappointed. So please, guide me and tell me where and what's good! Thanks in advance!

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  1. "Not Just Rugelach" (the name of th vendor) at the greenmarket, 47th&2nd Ave, Wednesdays, is the very best available in town (even though it's from outta town.)

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    1. re: serious

      I agree, Not Just Rugelach is very good They have apricot and another fruit, I think raspberry. I've had the apricot several times and they always satisfy. Some of the other breads can be hit or miss though.

      1. re: Mississippi Mike

        The chocolate rugelach is delicious, too. Agree about some of
        the breads but if you eat a couple of their sugared donuts before you
        get home, you painlessly take care of adding some of the necessary weight for

    2. William Greenberg on madison and 83rd is hands down the best.

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        love greenbergs. I love the cakes, cookies and brownies as well!

      2. Russ & Daughters on Houston, east of Allen

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          I think Russ gets them from the famous bakery on LES..Gerties or Gertels???

          1. What do you think of Zaro's?