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ISO Rugelach

Hey 'hounders,
Could anyone recommend me a couple of places where I can find great rugelach (prefer chocolate but anything goes)? I've tried a few brands from Zabar's (e.g. Green's) and it left me disappointed. So please, guide me and tell me where and what's good! Thanks in advance!

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  1. "Not Just Rugelach" (the name of th vendor) at the greenmarket, 47th&2nd Ave, Wednesdays, is the very best available in town (even though it's from outta town.)

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      I agree, Not Just Rugelach is very good They have apricot and another fruit, I think raspberry. I've had the apricot several times and they always satisfy. Some of the other breads can be hit or miss though.

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        The chocolate rugelach is delicious, too. Agree about some of
        the breads but if you eat a couple of their sugared donuts before you
        get home, you painlessly take care of adding some of the necessary weight for

    2. William Greenberg on madison and 83rd is hands down the best.

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        love greenbergs. I love the cakes, cookies and brownies as well!

      2. Russ & Daughters on Houston, east of Allen

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          I think Russ gets them from the famous bakery on LES..Gerties or Gertels???

          1. What do you think of Zaro's?

            1. I know i know this may be sacrilege but i have to go out on a limb and declare the rugelach at Costco (oops i said it!) was as good as any i've tried and or mentioned above! really try them i think you may agree...

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                Wow, I could not disagree more. I get pissed everytime my motherlaw serves the stuff, not even close to the real thing.

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                  I agree, Costco's rugelach is not the real thing, and although it may be good, it's not nearly as good as good, real rugelach.

                2. Gertel's on Hester Street

                  1. Greenbergs and Moishes.

                    1. I love the rugelach at Murray's Sturgeon Shop, on Broadway and 90th St. Buttery and flakey. Outstanding!

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                        I like them as well as greenbergs

                      2. Believe it or not there is a guy in West Harlem who specializes in Rugalach! The shop is Lee Lee's Baked Goods on West 118th Street right off of 8th Avenue in Harlem. If you have a large order you might want to put it in ahead of time since it is a one man operation. Here is quick review someone wrote http://uptownflavor.wordpress.com/200...

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                          Lee Lee's beats Moishe's, beats Costco's (shudder), beats any rugelach I've ever had. No joke. Come to Harlem for the rugelach.

                        2. Try Zabar's own rugelach sold loose behind the counter, not the packaged varieties.

                          1. I agree with meatme. The rugelach that Zabars sells by the pound by the bread counter are the ultimate. They have cinnamon and chocolate. What's really strange is that they are unbelievably reasonable in price, $9/lb.