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Oct 28, 2006 03:45 PM

Tea around Midtown/UES/UWS

I'd like to take an out-of-town friend to tea this afternoon, and I'm planning to try Alice's Tea Cup. However, I've heard that the wait can be excessively long--are there any other places to go (preferably with good scones too)? We're planning to go around 3pm. Thanks!

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  1. Payard's is excellent...the pastries are world-class & the setting is pleasantly busy & upscale...very UES....

    1. So many options for you. I like Tea at The Gotham lounge @ 700 5th Ave.. Scones were great. The Fitzpatrick Hotel on Lex and 57th does a nice one as well but understated. Payards pastries are a treat!

      1. Regency Hotel, Park/62 is very comfortable, quiet, private.