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Oct 28, 2006 03:26 PM

Attn Cake Specialists: Special Birthday Request - "Yodel" Cake?

My husband's birthday is coming up and I asked him if he has a favorite cake. He really doesn't, other than ice cream cake. Since we're traveling to another location that day, I can't bring an ice cream cake with us. He then said the idea of a cake made like a giant Yodel was very appealing to him too.

So, I'm thinking it would have to be sort of like a Buche de Noel, a rolled chocolate cake, with a vanilla creme interior. But, it would need a hard milk chocolate exterior, one which would "crack", like a Yodel does.

Any bakers have any recipes or ideas how I'd go about doing this? I'm particularly mystified about how to do this type of hard shell frosting since I'm very inexperienced with cake baking in general.


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  1. As a guy who's been on Atkins for a couple years, I have to say that this idea is the best thing I've ever heard! :-)

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      LOL! Step away from the thread Bill, step away from the thread!

    2. If a CHOW baker doesn't come forward, The Dairy Gourmet: Secret Recipes from Tastebuds Cafe by Estee Gestetner, Sarah Lasry has a recipe for Yodel Cake.

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        Thanks! I'll look that up for sure.

      2. OK, this may be a horrible idea, but it would be really easy and the real Yodel coating is so fake-tasting anyway. Ever seen Smuckers Magic Shell ice cream topping? It's a chocolate topping that hardens when you put it on ice cream -- you could put it on your cake and stick it in the fridge.

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          Pia, that's actually a great idea. My husband probably would think that was great. He's no expert and since he's the Yodel lover, it would suit him fine and make it much easier for me in the long run. Plus the other people that will be eating it are no gourmets by any stretch of the imagination.

          I'm going to keep that in mind for sure! Thanks for the idea!

        2. For taste, I'd make a chocolate ganache. I've done it with fake hostess cupcakes and hohos and it tastes good. If you don't care about how it tastes, you could microwave storebought chocolate frosting until it's runny, pour over and let it cool. Really easy and kids don't notice. The added benefit is it hardens when it cools so it's easy to transport.

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            Does sound easy, but I would like to stay away from the canned frosting taste. Personally, I really dislike the stuff. Plus there are no kids involved in the eventual eating of this cake.

            I'd rather make something from scratch. I think I'm going to buy some of that shell stuff Pia suggested and try it out over ice cream today, and see if I like the flavor. If so, that would be the easiest method. If not, I'll probably do something from scratch and the ganache seems to be the way to go, in which case the "crack" factor will have to go.

          2. I have made many Buche Du Noel's, but I'm not sure that I have ever made a Yodel Cake.

            If you want the hard crack exterior, just grate and melt a bar of dark baking chocolate, but made sure that you don't lose the temper, or you will not get the desired result. The added cream or butter of a panache will soften the resulting texture and will never set up with a hard exterior.

            I would like to pass along my wishes to your husband for a happy birthday and please report back on the results.