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Oct 28, 2006 02:33 PM

Foodie Souveniers from Germany

My DH is going to Bonn next month and I need to know what to have him bring back. He brings chocolate from Switzerland and Belgium, Sambuca and espresso from Italy, tea from London, etc.... what is a must from Germany?

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  1. I brought back some cookies in a tin. Really more for the tin than for the cookies.

    1. Yes, in the pre-Christmas season some of the traditional baked goods are a must - Nuernburger Lebkuchen, Aachener Printen, Spekulatius, Dresdner Stollen would all make nice treats. Then, of course there is wine . . .

      1. Actually, I bought my tin of cookies at the Christmas market in Aachen. It has pictures of the old buildings and says Nobis Printen aus Aachen on the top. So I guess it is (was)the same as the one you mentioned.

        1. Real Nutella! (Even tho it's not actually from Germany...)

          1. The German distillery Ziegler makes some outstanding eau-de-vies. These fruit-based brandies are very typical for Germany and Ziegler is certainly one of the best producers. I particularly like their "Alte Zwetschge" (old prune) and they also have some interesting and unusual kirschs in their line. The bottles are availabe in the standard, half and miniature (5cl) sizes so it's easy to bring back home a few different kinds without going over your county's import limit. The small ones will probably even fulfill the new "liquids in airplane cabin" regulations.

            You can find Ziegler and many other special German foods in the food halls of the department stores Kaufhof and Karstadt.

            S. Lami

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              Seconding the Ziegler recommendation. Had some friends who brought lots of their schnapps back from a trip, and we had a fun time opening things and tasting them late into the night after a party. Their was some hazelnut variety that was actually . . . chunky. And another berry variety with this strange devil on the label. Very cool souvenirs.