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Oct 28, 2006 01:18 PM

Quest for best authentic Mexican in Western Suburbs!

We have been on a quest to locate the best authentic (no chains allowed!) in the Western Suburbs. We're in the Glen Ellyn/Downers/Wheaton area, but are not limited our search to just those areas. We're tried numerous restaurants and none of them are quite hitting the spot. Any & all comments appreciated!!

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  1. Uncle Julio's Hacienda on Butterfield Rd in Lombard. They do have another location on North Ave and Clybourn near Lincoln Park so I don't know if you would consider it a chain, but if you haven't checked this one out, you should. More Tex-Mex than authentic Mexican, but it is food is high quality and consitently well-prepared. I don't really know of any authentic Mexican restaurants in that neck of the woods.

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      1. I have to agree 100% with Sunnyday. Uncle Julio's is in no way shape or form authentic Mexican. It is also not very good "Tex-Mex." You can do much better than that.

        Baha Fresh is much better than Uncle Julio's. Better ingretients, fresher, and healthier.

        I think you need to go to Pilsen for great Mexican. Make it a road trip and enjoy.

        1. You might want to check recent reports on Amanecer Tapatio in Joliet. They have relocated (within Joliet) and there have been some uneven reviews, so do check because it's quite a haul.

          1. You can try Tia Maria's Mexican Restaurant in St Charles. Authentic Mexican, family run. It's not a very big place so you may have to wait - but it's worth it.

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              Tia Maria is not in St. Charles but in Geneva on East State Strret (Rte. 38) The do have some interesting regional specialties like cochinita pibil which is a chile roasted pork served on banana leaf. If you go to either West Chicago or Aurora there are many smallfamily run Mexican places, try along East New York Street in Aurora where there are several Mexcian markets and one area that has a little flea market on weekends with street vendors. Jalisco on West Galena at Highland is pretty good and there is a new Mexican steakhouse on Lake Street (Rte. 31) just before downtown that I know nothing about. Our frequent favorite is Taco Grande in downtown Batavia. It is family run and now some of the 3rd generation is working there.

              Tia Maria
              730 East State

              El Taco Grande
              6 North River Street

              Jalisco II
              947 West Galena

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                Tia Marias' is one of my favortites!