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Oct 28, 2006 01:14 PM

Brazilian BBQ in Plymouth?

I remember reading about this on here a few months ago, a Brazilain BBQ on Route 3A in Plymouth - are they still open, and is the quality still good?

Does anyone know the price?

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  1. Being a somewhat newcomer to New England, please forgive the stupid question, but where is Plymouth? What state? I only ask because I love churrascurias and travel between MA, VT and NH and was wondering if Plymouth was in NH or MA? I'm pretty sure its not in VT.

    1. There is both a Plymouth, NH & Plymouth, MA

      The one I'm referring too is in Mass - largest city in the state, located the East coast right before the Cape.

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        Larger than Boston, Worcester or Springfield?

      2. Ah, I see. A little too for of a drive for me since I work primarily in Western Mass, Western NH and all of VT. Thanks for the info though!

        1. Glad to report that the BBQ, Casa Brasil, is very much open and pretty good. The buffet was a fairly good spread (and happily without the weird sushi so common at these places). I loved the black beans and grilled chicken in particular. And there were endless rounds of grilled meat (rodizio?) carved and served at the table.

          I was so full from the sirloin, steak and chicken that I couldn't bring myself to try some of the stuff some chowhounders have recommended - chicken hearts, rabbit etc. I was OK with the somewhat salty meats but I know some others get put off by that, so watch out. And at the end was a whole grilled pineapple, carved on our table, which was just delicious. Great meal and such wonderful value (I think it came to roughly 15 bucks a head WITH a generous tip!)

          Service was excellent but they don't have a liquor license which was a disappointment (was looking forward to some caipirinha!) but I'm sure they're working on that one.