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Oct 28, 2006 01:00 PM

Molchajete alert!

The Marshall's on Boylston Street, Boston, has about a dozen molchajete's on their clearance shelves, priced between $5-$7...I have no idea what the difference is about, but they are stone ones with pestles, weigh a ton, and I bought one for less than $4 yesterday; they had an extra 25% off clearance stuff. Go get ya one!

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  1. Nice call, Galleygirl; you are the Marshall's (and TJ Max) queen! There were still a few left when I picked one up today. Mysteriously, there were also several on the non-clearance shelves, at regular prices, that seemed nearly identical to the clearance ones. Felt like getting away with something to pick one up for 5 bucks!