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Australian restaurants in Toronto?

Not sure if there is really such thing as 'Australian cuisine', but can anybody tell me if there are restaurants in Toronto that have an Australian or New Zealand theme?

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  1. I don't think that there are Australian restos in the city. The Outback doesn't count.

    If you are looking for a particular meal that you would find in Oz that you don't necessariy get here is roasted kangaroo. It tastes like a high grade beef though the smell of cooking roo is not particularly good on the nostrils.

    1. Ditto for Kiwi restos (and I have a bone to pick with the owners of KiWe, for momentarily getting my hopes up). You're more likely to find Aussie and Kiwi ingredients (Ostrich, Cervena, Kangaroo, Emu, green lipped Mussels, et. al.)

      There was a Kiwi chef in town a few years back, name of Vaughan Chittock. Loved his food (and his restaurant was papered with pages from NZ cookbooks - lotsa nostalgia). I believe he's moved out of Toronto.

      Hemingways is probably the closest you'll get to an Antipodean experience; great place but it's a bar, not exactly fine dining.

      If you find anything, let me know!

      1. I thought there was an Australian eatery between runnymede and keele along bloor street west. I cannot remember the name ? ? ? ? I might be completely wrong.

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            The owner cannot be a true Kiwi. Kiwis are some of the nicest, most laid back, gentle and generous of people.

            I guess we'll just have to wait until someone from Oz or NZ decides to come to Toronto, stay, and open a restaurant.

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              Wow, that's a nasty piece of work and if he truly is from NZ, I'd like to apologize on behalf of the rest of us. Every country has its share of a$$holes, but that's just embarrassing.

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                I visited NZ twice before I became a true 'hound and missed out on all the great food. However, I enjoyed anzac biscuits, lamingtons and pavlova while living in Australia. My parents just returned from visiting my Nana in Melbourne with 4 packets of Tim Tams for me! They are trying to convince my pastry chef cousin to leave his position at the Perth casino to work in Canada, so maybe soon...

                Anyone know a current source of Australian/Kiwi groceries such as Arnott's biscuits, in GTA or Golden Horseshoe area?

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                  Vegemite pops up regularly at Loblaws, but I haven't seen any biscuits. Try:


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                    Great links! Too bad they are both in the US. Nutri-grain cereal is $10.95 US plus shipping! I wonder if I could just get my relatives to ship directly from Oz?

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                      My husband is an Aussie and he's been reduced to Marmite at Loblaws, as of late. We had been able to get Vegemite there for quite a while now, but now we haven't found it.

                      Re: TimTams...I have heard a rumour that the Hasty Market on Elm and University carries them. I haven't checked myself but if you work in the downtown area, it might be worth it. We're on our last package for the last trip!

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                wow.....i had never been before, kinda glad, after hearing how bad it is.

            2. I once found TimTans (just labelled ARNOTT'S BISCUITS) at the IGA near Dupont & Christie. I thought I'd died... I ate every one like it was the last on earth! Tried to get my boyfriend to drink coffee through one... but he just thought I was nuts.

              I have checked back there several times, and have not seen them since. They are a branch of Sobeys though... so perhaps a large Sobeys would carry them.

              Good luck...

              1. I went to the Hasty Market yesterday and could not find a single package of Tim Tams or Arnott's.

                On another board, apparently Vegemite is no longer being distributed in the U.S. because it contains folate and only certain products can include this. I don't know what this means in terms of U.S. regulations.

                Finally, if you are looking for Vegemite, go to Sun Valley on Danforth, west of Pape. It had it the last time I went hunting for it.

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                  Hey Zengarden,

                  Sorry to hear that the Hasty Market doesn't carry them anymore...really sorry, 'cuz now we're all in the same boat.

                  Thanks for the Vegemite tip....my husband is going to clean out their stock this weekend if you're looking for any in the future!

                  I'll dig around some more with some Aussie friends for Tim Tam leads.

                2. I've been craving dim sims, morton bay bugs, meat pies with tomato sauce and a pot of VB for years now.

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                    Yum! Your post conjured up a great memory of injecting ketchup from a squeeze bottle through the Four 'n' Twenty meat pie crust at a footy game.

                  2. Anymore news on aussie restaureants, vegemite, etc?

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                      I too am looking for some good Aussie bites.

                      I spent the last year in Australia and New Zealand and sorely miss pavolva, Twisties and Sweet Chili and Sour Cream chips.

                      I am looking for a place to celebrate Australia Day with a few friends. Any suggestions?

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                        Might not be your kind of thing but fyi ---- the Australian Wine Society of Toronto is holding a special dinner to mark Australia Day at the Albany Club -

                        The evening starts with bubbly, beer and finger foods. At 7:15, guests head to the main dining room for dinner where the club’s executive chef will have prepared a special menu for the occasion.

                        The menu is supposed to be on the website somewhere but I can't find it or it hasn't been posted. My guess would be Auzzie bites and wine pairings!

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                        I know it's an old post - but i just saw vegemite yesterday in Toronto at Eglinton Square Plaza - Mrs. Bridges’ British Bakery.
                        First time I've seen it in over a year.

                        1. re: estufarian

                          Estufarian....my pale, sun-deprived, Manley Beach-missing, can't-believe-it's-snowing-again Australian husband is going to kiss the ground I walk on when I come home tonight with Vegemite! He finished the last jar a few months ago and is counting the days till his Father arrives from Sydney this summer.

                          Eglinton Square Plaza is on my home so thank you, thank you, thank you.

                          1. re: Kai

                            Holy Crap I wish that wasn't so far away from where I live. I just put my last jar of Vegemite in the recycling, scraped dry, as I can't find it here. Perhaps a mission is necessary this week...

                            1. re: kiwiFRUIT

                              Hmmm...I can get vegemite, tim tams and violet crumble from the Tuck Shop in NYC. I wonder if there'd be a market for it if I brought some back with me every month...

                              1. re: GoodGravy

                                My guess is that vegemite is no longer available - it's been BANNED in USA for a year now! If it is still there keep it (relatively) quiet - the shop may get busted!

                                1. re: estufarian

                                  I thougth the vegemite ban was a myth!

                                  1. re: rrs

                                    The situation is summarized here:

                                    It is legal to bring it in with you. It's illegal to sell it (in the US) - and so it needs a big enough market in Canada (or a persistent retailer) to make it worthwhile to bring it in.

                                    1. re: estufarian

                                      thanks. i brought my little jar with me to the falls for brekkie.. my friends from ny had a good laugh...

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                            THANK YOU!!! I just got back and they only had 2 jars left. The expiration date was August 2008 so only bought 1.. so there is one left. The lady there said vegemite was a big seller for them and wanted to know what it tasted like.. I've never had marmite so could not compare it for her..

                        2. G'day. I just moved to TOR from Adelaide about a month ago. I'm happy to report that 2 weeks ago I went to Loblaws on Sheppard/Bayview (Bayview subway) and they had just stocked up on Tim Tams! Alas no vegemite.. just marmite ;(.. I also stopped by the LCBO at the same shopping centre AND they had Coopers Sparkling Ale for only 2.15 a bottle! Its the beer I drink back in Oz. To top it off, I found a Wynn's 2005 Coonawara Reisling ($15) that James Halliday rated a 94! I rushed home and had me a Tim Tam slam... and later on opened up the Reisling. I had a flashback of drinking Reisling and eating amazing South Australian oysters on East Terrace back in Adelaide! Now if I can only find a pie floater I would not be missing Adelaide as much... I'm off to try to find Vegemite...

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                            I'm pretty sure I've seen vegemite at The House Of Spice on Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market.

                          2. For those of you wanting Tim Tam's. I've been buying them from Sobeys over here in Brampton for the past couple weeks. They currently have Original, Caramel and Dark.

                            I was quite surprised as I recently bought 5packs with me form Australia + 3jars of Vegemite which I haven't seen anywhere here yet. I brought 2tins of Milo too but I believe it's already available here.

                            I'll post the exact location next time I go (it's either the one on Queen or the one on that road that changes to Main)

                            1. There's two Aussie spots in Cabbagetown.

                              Stonegrill is an Aussie chain a la the Keg.

                              And Gourmet Burger does Aussie/Kiwi-style burgers.