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Sushi around midtown?

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I keep reading good things about Blue Ribbon etc.. but they are all really far down. Is there any good quality sushi places in the midtown area?


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    1. yes, Megu Midtown is great. Yama is great at 49th @ 2nd.

      1. shimizu on 51st between 8th n 9th. affordable (albeit not cheap) and super fresh. some interesting rolls, but the sushi chefs are really focused on quality, not novelty.

        1. Kuruma Zushi on E 47 St. The best I've had - rob a bank on the way, though.

          1. I am sad to say the last two times I had the YAMA from 49th it was very subpar. WAAAYY to much rice, fish not so fresh and I don't understand why they charge extra for inside out rolls and charge more for Tobiko. Unless I just haven't noticed it at other restaurants???

            1. sushi yasuda is the best! sit at the sushi bar with yasuda.....it's expensive but totally worth the expense!!!!

              1. I'd recommend Sushi Sen-nin on E. 33 St. Always great fish! The new location has a very dramatic look to it.

                1. I would second Shimizu, very good quality at a reasonable price.

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                    Ok, I tried Shimizu for takeout lunch on this seconded recommendation, and while I thought the food was excellent (I got the Chirashi), I will NOT order takeout from here again. Their takeout menu is apparently very different from the menu on their website. The Chirashi would have been $18 if I had eaten it in, but for takeout it was $25. Who charges MORE for takeout? Furthermore about all of their lunch combinations are only available on their dine-in menu, but not their takeout menu, and NONE of this is on their website. I ended up just paying the $7 dollars extra anyway, but I don't think I would have dropped $25 dollars on takeout lunch if they had had the correct pricing on their site.

                  2. I second the Yasuda...5 types of eel that's never frozen should give you an idea of how fresh and meticulously handled their fish is. An experience where you truly get to appreciate the fish for what it is.