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Oct 28, 2006 12:04 PM

vancouver help requested

Must have an in-law family dinner in BC next week, and am completely at a loss. I would prefer to stay within the Burnaby/New West area. Can anyone recommend anything? They prefer Asian or Italian. I don't really care where we eat as I will be at Guu, Feenie's and La Patisserie Lebeau before and after aforementioned meal/ordeal.

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  1. sorry, changed title to be more specific and double posted

    1. ok, this might not be that helpful.... but i read a great review of a japanese restaurant just yesterday in the vancouver sun newspaper.... but i don't remember the name! my mouth was watering reading the review and the reviewer said it was hands down the best first date restaurant in van city. maybe not perfect for the family, but it sounded very intimate and personal, which always makes for a more enjoyable meal. hope this might help a bit...? it might be online on the sun's website.