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What are rosamexicano restaurants like, and what about the Gilt?

Has anyone visited roasmexicano restaurant or The Gilt? thinkning of going there when I visit new york. any comments/reviews?

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  1. I definitely recommend rosa mexicano. I've been there twice, and both times I and everyone at my table loved everything we ordered. I loved (and had too many of :) the pomegranite margaritas, and I was very happily surprised by the tortillas. Flavorful, fresh tortillas are sadly a rarity here in NYC, and at Rosa they make them by hand all night long in a station in the middle of the dining room.

    The 1st avenue location (I haven't been to either of the others) was lively and fun, and elegant without being fussy. I hope it's still as good as I remember. Enjoy!

    1. I've been to the Lincoln Center Rosa Mexicana twice. I love the place. The design is funky modern Mexican. The service is great. Start with the pomagranite margaritas (but not too many especially if you're going to Lincoln Center afterwards...) and the guac. I had the duck both times, which I really liked. The last time someone at our table had the goat, which they really enjoyed. It is more of a high end dining experience and not cheap (especially when compared to some taco stand), but I think it is the best Mexican in Manhattan. They are on opentable and we didn't have to wait at all for our table when we arrived.

      1. I've been a number of times to two uptown locations, east and west. The food is good, not exceptional to my experience, and they are a bit expensive for what they offer. Yes, the best guacamole I've had. Margaritas are acceptable.

        1. Well I'll complete the triumverate - we've eaten at the Union Square location several times and enjoy it's festive atmosphere and the signature table-side guacamole preperation. And the Margaritas are indeed killer. The food is good, not great, but it's among the best of it's genre. The pork tacos were yummy. I've only been to the Union Square spot - my wife has also been to the one on the UES and says that USq has a more festive decor and a livelier space.

          For truly, truly exceptional Mexican/fusion fare - try Suenos on W. 17th. IMHO the best in town.

          1. the one at union sq is fantastic.

            1. Glad to finally see some positive remarks on Rosa Mexicano. We've never had a bad meal there, which is a lot more than I can say for most restaurants in New York -- even top-notch ones, and are headed back tonight. In the winter, their coffees and hot cocoas (spiked in various fashions) are perfect.

              1. I like Rosa Mexicano too; it gets a bad rap from some (as do a lot of the high-end Mex in town) 'cause it's a little pricey, a little fussy, and a little bland compared to the really earthy intense flavor of the best authentic Mex, but everything's super tasty and reasonably authentic. Though I really hate the way every Mex restaurant in town jacks you on the tableside guac.

                1. The one in Union Square is fun. The food is clean tasting standard NY Mexican. The guacomole is great and everyone I know raves about the pomegranite margaritas.

                  1. I've been to both the Manhattan and Washington locales of Rosa Mexicano on several occasions. I think people started to think poorly of the restaurant only after it became a chain, because before that it was often touted as the best Mexican other than Zarela. Great guac made table side with good margaritas. Your best bet is to try any specials. I was fortunate to go back in February when they were offering a chocolate inspired menu with bits of cocoa bean in salad and mole, it was really very good. Enjoy!

                    1. Yes, it's nice to see some positive remarks about Rosa Mexicano, which has gotten bashed on this board in the past. It is one of my family's favorites. I like the dramatic fountain at the Lincoln Center branch - if you go there, try to sit upstairs facing the fountain. A lot of people go there before attending events at Lincoln Center, so it gets a more sedate crowd than the Union Square branch, which skews younger. It is expensive, but it is also has an upscale menu so the prices are justified. I've never had a bad meal there.