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Oct 28, 2006 10:15 AM

Looking for chow destination

Taking hubs out for his next Wednesday night. We like to try a new (to us) restaurant in Boston or Cambridge. Went to Rendezvous last week w a friend and LOVED it. He likes to eat everything but prefers a festive atmosphere NON pretentious or formal. A few I'm considering are Teatro, Eastern Standard and Cafe Umbra. What's your pick or any other suggestions.

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  1. Cafe Umbra is great. The food is delicious and I love the atmosphere. One word of caution...the drinks are potent and large, so plan accordingly.

    1. My wife and I enjoy Central Kitchen very much. Great food, great wine, very comfortable atmosphere, and consistent and nicley paced service as well. We've never been disappointed.

      1. When I hear festive and not pretentious I automatically think East Coast Grill. This place has great energy and delicious food. Not necessarily a "special occasion" spot but one of my favs.

        I like all of the spots on your list, too. Teatro definitely has a bustling vibe and the food is great; I enjoy eating at the bar at Cafe Umbra; and I've heard good things about Eastern Standard.

        Another favorite that's truly one of Boston's best is Ten Tables. Very small and intimate, totally unpretentious with just really good food.

        1. How about Taranta in the North End?