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Oct 28, 2006 08:38 AM

Your Take on Leinenkugels Beer (Leines): Chippewa Falls Wisconsin

it has almost cult status in wisconsin

are you into their honey weis or berry weis or new sunset wheat or new apple flavored beer??

what about their dark and creamy or BIG BUTT.

and their regular.

they are owned by Miller but the Leines family still controls the brewing.

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  1. and add Leines Red and Oktoberfest to their lineup!!

    1. Since I am a Wisconsinite and grew up with the stuff, I can honestly say that it's better than its parent company SAB Miller. I enjoy their Creamy Dark and their Red Lager. The Berry Weiss is just another Wine Cooler with a Beer Label so that one is completely out. The regular white label lager is decent too, it all goes hand and hand with Friday Fish Frys, and the northwoods, I hardly see Leinies down in Madison and the southern part of the state, it's mainly upper central to upper north..

      1. It's big here in Minnesota, as well. Great on tap, and most bars have at least one Leinie's tap.

        Like the creamy dark and the red best.
        Tasted the sunset wheat recently and thought it interesting, but need more to make a conclusion.

        It is great beer? No more so than many other large-scale craft brewers in the nation. In that way it's comparable to Summit in Minnesota, or Yuengling's in Pennsy, or Sweetwater in Georgia. It's definitely a plus to have such a wonderfully drinkable local beer on tap.

        1. Let's get Leinies distribution in Los Angeles!

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            Hear, hear! I love Leinie's -- it's my favourite. I love the Honey Weiss. The Berry Weiss is good but it's too sweet for everyday drinking.

            Note that you can fit two cases of Leinie's in a standard roller bag to go on the plane, or you can go out to Arizona which is the nearest place to get it!

          2. What LA needs is a Leinie's type inexpensive, high quality, locally produced beer. I used to drink a bit of Henry Weinhard's, but I think that's from up north...

            We need an LA beer.