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The Bunnies Are Back (Well, Almost)--Jurassic Restaurant in Hacienda Heights

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I'm not sure how long ago it was that I last dined at a Playboy Club--probably more than 25 years ago. Well the closest thing I've seen to this is the relatively recently opened Jurassic Restaurant at 15301 Gale Ave. in Hacienda Heights. Jurassic is one of those crazy theme Taiwanese nighttime restaurants, this one decorated like a cave. More notably, the waitresses there dress up in very interesting costumes. Some, like the policewoman, the letter carrier, and the football referee are dressed slightly more modestly than Hooters girls. But then there are the French maid, the candy striped nurse and the girls in the outfits rather reminscent of Playboy bunny outfits (including headgear vaguely similar to bunny ears). Foodwise, I only was able to order the salt and pepper bean curd, which was actually slightly stinky tofu and which was pretty good. I'd be interested in any other comments about the food. Clientele wise this seemed to be almost exclusively a college age/young adult crowd (it was very busy), so I'm not sure if us older folks really fit in.

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  1. Hi Folks-

    Please keep the focus of your replies on the food, anecdotes about "theme restaurants" are not on topic for this board.


    1. I'm trying to visualize exactly where this is. Was there another Chinese restaurant previously at that location?

      1. is this a daily thing with the staff or was this a halloween thing?

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          Good question since it was the weekend before Halloween. Not positive if it was Halloween related, though, because all the outfits were very short, so I'm wondering if that's a selling point of the restaurant. Also, if you go to their website (jurassicrestaurant.com), the only picture of a waitress you can find anywhere on the website shows a girl wearing a Superman shirt. So maybe every day is Halloween there. Website also indicates that they're going to open up another location in San Gabriel. You can also check the website for their menu. My daughter actually alerted me to this place, and she said the food was good.

        2. This sounds like it was for halloween. How was the food there? We went to Indian Restaurant in San Gabriel, a similar Taiwanese pub like restaurant. There were so many food choices, all the typical Taiwanese pub fair, as well as black teas and lots of beer. We enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Will have to check out jurassic . . .

          1. very awesome. does anyone know if this is related to the jurassic themed bar serving pub food in taipei? did it have dinosaur bones and fake rocks on the walls?