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Oct 28, 2006 04:47 AM

Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park Late Dinner

Its late, where do I go for late night good grub?

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  1. Rustic on Hillhurst, try the seafood pasta (more like a soup actually,,, but GREAT stuff!)

    Plus a Heff or Stella....

    1. Cobalt, can you guarantee that Ye Rustic Inn is a safe place to eat seafood pasta? It seems like a scary idea to me, but I know the burger is supposed to be good.
      Anyway, if you don't want a loud and raucous bar scene with your burger, you can try Fred 62, Brite Spot or Astro Coffee Shops, or Nadpob Thai, which is open really late.

        1. Ye rustic is a great dive bar with some pretty good bar food, but seafood pasta? They have the best chicken wings in town and the Myrtle Burger is great, but it's a dark, loud tavern, It used to be my "local" and I love the place, it's fun as hell, but it's a bar with food, not a restuarant, be warned.

          1. Well of course it's a bar with food........

            I've had the seafood pasta twice, and enjoyed it both times. A friend shared their steak + veggies and clam chowder with me. All were good and I wouldn't hesitate to eat there again.

            I didn't actually plan to eat there the first time but as we we're sitting in back where the booths are we saw various dishes go by and it all looked good. So we gave it a go. It's apparent to us that the cook takes pride in the food he/she serves, nothing that I've seen from the kitchen was questionable in any way, and to be honest I'm pretty f'in picky.

            Give it a try and report back.