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Oct 28, 2006 04:42 AM

New french Bistro in Williamsburg, Juliette

Ate at Juliette in Williamsburg tonight after husband walked by during renovations a few weeks ago and notice it. The place is next to Sparky's/Egg in the old Red and Black space. North 5th off Bedford.

I was very impressed with the inside. They gutted the old place and it's full on amazing french bistro in there. I'm not a fan of Fada, so for me this is a welcome addition. Apparently they've only been open a week, but it was pretty busy. I had French Onion Soup and some sort of salad that was goat cheese and rolled vegetables/eggplant, and my husband had a salad with goat cheese and oranges, and trout. It was all very delicious and service was super friendly and attentive - a welcome thing in this neighborhood. They were even playing french music....Jacques Brel, Piaf etc, which is nice.

Highly recommended from a long time neighborhood!


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  1. My GF and I went this past Saturday night, and had a wonderful experience too. We started out with the Artichoke appetizer special. It was an artichoke boiled then with roasted cheeses and spices, it was very good. I ordered the spicy chicken and my gf had the pork. Both dishes were excellent, but what we both agreed that the fries that come with my chicken were the best, it was if they went and got some McDonald’s fries, they were so good. The people ordered the burgers next to us, and the burgers looked good. We decided that the next time we go, we are going to try the burger and fries.
    I think the best part of this place was the service. It was un-Williamsburg. The servers checked on you, the busers made sure you had bread and water at all times and that the plates were taken away when you were done. Highly recommended.

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      That's great. The service is un-Williamsburg because a lot of those involved are transplants from the Smith St. bistro scene. That's not to say that the service down here is stellar, but there's much more of a pedigree having 7 or 8 french bistros (at least) within a 10 minute walk. Can't wait to head up to see the familiar faces!

    2. Huffy- that's funny that you mentioned that the fries were like McDonald's as that is the exact comment I made to my husband after I tasted his the other night.

      We had a great experience as well on Friday night. the room is great, service attentive. It was definitely un-williamsburg, and nice for a change to not get attitude from everyone in the restaurant.

      As for our meal, I started with the pate, my husband the french onion soup. The pate was a huge portion, served with a wonderful apple compote and the soup was good. As for main courses, I had the paella special. It was a great portion with lots of mussels, and the chicken and Chorizo was on a skewer. It was good, although the skewered portion was a bit overcooked. My husband had the steak au poive.

      My husband and I both agreed that the food was good, but we like the room much better. We will not run back for the food, but will run back for the atmosphere.

      1. Good! I'm glad others have checked it out. I went there for brunch on marathon Sunday, and I even made reservations since I figured everyone would know about it by now, but only a few tables were taken. It looked like more people were coming in towards the end of our meal, but it won't remain a secret for long.

        I had a great brunch. French toast, perfectly cooked. My only complaint was that it was topped with bacon, and I didn't recall it being noted on the menu. I don't eat a lot of meat, so I want to know when it's on something as an added bonus.

        It came with a side of potatoes, with a little topping of hollandaise, which satisfied my savory craving too.


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          Since we had such a good time the other night and it was raining we decided to go back to Juliette again. My Gf had the steak, which she enjoyed and I had the burger, which was very good with the fries that they serve there. Another nice thing was that our waiter remembered us from the other night and took very good care of us again. Also, they had a live jazz band playing, there were signs saying that that will be a nightly happening Wed-Sat, I believe. One thing I forgot to mention, they only take cash now, they don't have their credit card system set-up and when they do, it will be AMEX only. Timeout NY had this blurb in this weeks mag:
          "Chef-owner Thierry Rochard (Tartine) has partnered with Alexandra Drozd (The Delancey) to open this French restaurant. The menu features bistro classics like mussels, steak au poivre and tarte tatin."

        2. I also stopped in last night, and was impressed. The space is beautiful, and the music was great. The food I wasn't as impressed with as everyone else, but it was good. Far and above better than Fada. For apps we had the pate and the roasted artichoke special. The pate was good, none of us were that impressed with the artichoke - tough and dry. We had mussells, which we enjoyed and someone had the spicy chicken, which had a good flavor but was a little dry. The fries were excellent, as everyone has noted. The wines were very reasonable; nothing over $50, and a good selection in the $30 range. As has also been commented on, the service was very friendly and attentive. In all, it is a very good neighborhood place. The decor, service, music and price will bring me back, while the food won't keep me away, as is the case at Fada.

          1. We went last week and got the pork chop (very good), steak au poivre (highly recommended) and spicy chicken (just OK). It was pleasant enough, but I felt the prices were about $3-$4 too high for most everything. I didn't think the quality was remarkably better than Diner or Dumont, which serves pretty similar fare.