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Where should I eat my first oxtail

So I'm waiting for my food at Chef Marylinn's in Crenshaw when I realized: despite being a fairly adventurous eater, I've never eaten an oxtail. I want my first time to be gentle, but intense. Where's a good introductory oxtail in LA?

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  1. well, there's a Cuban dish of oxtail at Versailles in the Palms/Culver City area that is pretty good.

    There's also a Korean oxtail soup which is very good. however, I'm not sure if there's any restaurant that serves it.

    oxtail is very tender. you pretty much can't go wrong.

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      i second the oxtail at versailles. it is excellent and, IMHO, better than the signature garlic chicken dish which can often be too dry for my tastes.

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        Your first suggestion was the hands down winner:

        1415 S. La Cienega Blvd.
        Los Angeles, CA

        also excellent at Versailles:
        PORK - Roasted To Perfection With A Touch Of An Old Cuban Recipe (Served with Fried Sweet Plantains and Your Choice of Rice and Beans or Moro)

      2. Angelini Osteria offers excellent oxtail. Order it when the weather cools.

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          Gino's oxtail is absolutely sublime!!

        2. Bruddah's Hawaiian restaurant in Gardena restaurant has oxtail stew or oxtail soup.

          1. You can get oxtail at several of the HK style restaurants in SGV. Phoenix Inn in Alhambra makes a good oxtail dish.

            1. Did you know that so called ox tail is just beef tail? Unless you know someone butchering an ox it is really difficult to come by the real thing. I think the flavor and texture is pretty much like good shortribs.

              1. If you can splurge and want Italian, call Valentino in Santa Monica and see if they have it on the menu (it is sometimes featured there, in winter months).

                1. Krua Thai on Sherman Way has a delicious oxtail soup.

                  Steve Doggie-Dogg

                  1. port royal on broadway in santa monica has a good jamaican style

                    1. M & M Soul food restaurant in Long Beach has great oxtails.This location has good service unlike some of the other locations.

                      1. There's also a Filipino oxtail dish called kare-kare, which is like a stew cooked with the oxtail, vegetables (beans, eggplant, bok choy) and a thick peanut sauce. You'd eat this dish with white rice. I've them at Asian Noodles in Chinatown and that dish was pretty good.

                        Here's a pic:


                        1. as someone who's never had oxtail, is it something that requires a "gentle" introduction? is it an acquired taste perhaps and in what way? thanks.

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                            I don't think it is - it sounds like it would, but it doesn't.

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                              Nothing about an acquired taste. Closest part of the beef cattle in taste and texture would be short ribs with the meat practically falling off the bone.