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Oct 28, 2006 03:46 AM

Divine Follie Manhattan Ave Greenpoint

I hesitate to post this with the fear that DF will end up in Zagat's but it was too wonderful...

I had a meeting in G'point today, and arrived pretty early. I walked around for awhile, and chilled to the bone, decided to seek out some dinner.

Divine Follie looked promising, tucked among Polish delis and dollar stores. It was empty, candlelit and cozy. Maybe 8 tables, perfect. I ordered Pasta Fagioli, and Chicken Cutlet Pizzaiola.

The waitress delivered a basket of fresh bread and a crock of roasted garlic butter. I happily nibbled to the pleasing sound of a chicken breast being pounded thin. *SIGH*

The Pasta Fagioli was perfect. Piping hot, soupy, with rich buttery, broth. The ditalini and beans were al dente, which gave a pleasant texture.

And the Pizzaiola. A full breast pounded thin, in a tomato, mushroom, and cream sauce. I cannot begin to describe the lushness of the dish. Warming, velvety, comfort food, elevated to elegance.


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  1. I used to order from there when I lived around the corner. Their pizzas are amazing. It's so cute and it doesn't seem like people really go there, so I'm happy it's still around. They really try. Last time I went we sat in their outdoor area, which was quite nice. Thanks for posting. I should go there more often.


    1. Anyone been here recently?