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Oct 28, 2006 01:59 AM

Lebanese in Rockland County?

A friend told me she heard there was a new place somewhere in the county, perhaps Chestnut Ridge?

Anyone have any info?

If not, any recommendations for middle eastern Bergen County or Westchester?

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  1. There's a place in West Nyack called Rashaad's, but it's really a bagel shop/deli that also serves felafel, etc, not a real restaurant. They do have a few tables, and the food is generally very fresh and flavorful.

    If you're looking for more of a sit-down, tablecloth place, there's a wonderful Turkish restaurant in Airmont--Turkoise Grille.

    1. In Bergen County:

      Bennie's (Lebanese), in Englewood, on Palisade Ave off of Grand. Great mezze and sandwiches. I'm sure the entrees are worthy as well, but I don't have much experience other than for takeout and at lunchtime. The spicy eggplant is my fave, but the smoky babaghanoush is also top notch.

      Samdan (Turkish), in Cresskill, on Piermont off of Union Ave.- I like the babaghanoush better than Bennie's, wonderfully smoky but not as much tahini. Other things that just flat out rock- the ezme, yaprak sarma(?) (grape leaves), lentil soup, and pilaki.

      There is a recent arrival in Tenafly called Walla!, which is Yemeni. I have gotten some great sandwiches there, particularly one made with scrambled egg on a fluffy griddle bread. The accompanying condiments (tomato puree and pepper zhoug) put it in the class of the awesomest street food. The pita breads seem to be made on site as well (and if they aren't, they definitelt aren't that store-bought stuff).

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        One further word about Walla!. It is a kosher establishment and closes after lunch on Fridays until sundown on Saturdays. It would be best to call to confirm hours prior to taking a trip.

      2. I have a feeling my friend may have been talking about Turkois Grille. I definitely plan on checking them out, as well as all the other leads you've all given me so far.

        I miss Bay Ridge though!

        1. Turquois Grille is an excellent restaurant with very tasty food. I'd stick with the appetizers unless you are a major fan of large portions of grilled meats. Order one of the appetizer platters...and ask for extra grape leaves because they are fantastic, very tender with delicious filling. Also, don't fill up on the pide bread and olive oil loaded with different seeds.