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Oct 28, 2006 01:44 AM

Ortiz Anchovies-looking for a recipe idea to highlight the anchovy !

Hi hounds, any suggestions with what to do with a tin of Ortiz anchovies ?? They were kinda expensive, so was looking for ideas where they are left intact and noticeable as opposed to within a ragu type sauce of sorts...which we would normally put our regular anchovies in ?? thanks in advance.

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  1. Pizza, or ceasar salad? How about pissiladiere, the provencal pizza topped with carmelized onions and anchovies? I really love anchovies in pasta sauces, but they tend to be more of a background ingredient. One sauce where I like them is made by sauteeing garlic, crushed red pepper and anchovies until the anchovies disintegrate. Then I stir in cooked chopped cauliflower, and cook for five minutes or so, and serve over penne. I think you can taste the anchovy pretty well with the cauliflower, but it won't be intact.

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      I make that cauliflower pasta sauce.

      I also make the same thing without cauliflower, just anchovy sauce. That's a good way to appreciate higher-quality anchovies.

      Mmmm, maybe I'll go make that right now.

    2. Had fun with this one a while back when some Italian friends shipped some fine oil packed large fillets.

      The idea, as you said, was to highlight the solo texture of the anchovy.

      We did an Iceberg lettuce micro-chiffonade of the crispest leaves, less than 1 mm wide. Then firmly mounded the lettuce strips into one inch haystacks, separated on an frozen plate.

      Anchovies (not chilled) were cut to one cm pieces, and placed on top of the lettuce haystack, with a full uncut fillet also on each plate for visual source context.

      Dipping sauce was a thin mayo/parsley/lemon juice blend, no garlic so as to highlight the anchovy.

      This was designed for chopsticks service, to dip the base of each anchovy-covered lettuce mound into the sauce, but would work well for "forks-as-a-shovel", too.

      1. Here's what to make with them: Roasted Red Peppers. After you have roasted the peppers and cleaned them of the blackened skin and seeds, tear into 1 1/2 in wide strips Place strips in a deep bowl for tossing. Add good amount of EVOO (there should be enough so that the pepper juices ad oil will mix and be available for dipping with bread. )fresh, finely chopped garlic, and chopped fresh flat leaf parsley. Add the Anchovies and fresh ground black pepper with a pinch of dried oregano. Toss it all together and taste for salt. Keep in mind the anchovies will add some saltiness so you can always add later. Marinate at room temp for 2-3 hours. After marinating, the anchovies will pick up some of the sweetness of the roasted peppers and the peppers will get an indescribable something from the anchovies. An awesome marriage of two foods. Right before serving you can place the pepper strips on a flat plate for a better presentation, pouring the juices that have accumulated over top. Don't forget to have good Euro Brick oven bread for dipping. You'll not want to leave anything behind :)

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          Chas... we made your was delicious. Absolutely spot on. We will add this one to our collection. The ortiz anchovy was great...we might even try this one with a regular anchovy too. We got very very nice bread to mop up the oil too. Excellent, this is so cool that someone in NYC posted me a recipe, and in Melbourne , Australia we are sitting down and enjoying it !! Chow Hound is the best

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            I am so glad you have enjoyed it. There's something about sharing that's just awsome but when its with someone on the other side of the world it becomes even more special. By the way, any anchovies will work with this. Here in NYC the old standard is buying salted anchovies out of the large 10 lb tins that can found at Italian and Greek specialty markets around town here. Under running cold water you coax open the bodies which have been gutted before packing. they start to soften in a couple of seconds and up at the top wide part you feel for the tiny backbone and pull. It comes out really easy. Tear the whole piece down the middle where the back bone was and you now have two anchovy fillets that are ready to do anything you'd like. While running under the water you can also rub thew very thin skin away from the outside of the anchovy. Scales are gone so its more a matter of aesthetics.
            Again thanks for posting the results back and I'm happy to have helped.

        2. Ditto to Chas!

          Also, pizza with lots of top-shelf Mozzarella and Anchovy is one of my favorite things on the planet...

          I live on it on my trip to Buenos Aires...
          OK, I lived on lots of other stuff too...

          Heck, you can even get the store bought Boboli thingies...