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Best Shabu in SoCal

Hi everyone,

i'm starting to get back into Shabu, since it's getting cold.

What are some suggestions?

So far, my fav is Shabu house in Japanese Village, LA.



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      1. re: shimpiphany

        Shimiphany speaks the truth. This place has EXCELLENT shabu shabu. Be prepared to pay though - this place is not cheap. A dinner for two people with moderate amounts of beer or sake can run slightly over $100.

        1. re: Ingrid Ingrid

          Yeah I think Kagaya is the best in town.

      2. I, too, liked Shabu House in Little Tokyo & Koji's in Highland & Hollywood (not as authentic, but lots of varieties and other foods for the shabu-averse)... but that's only when I'm too lazy to fire up my mini gas stove.

        Of course, making your own at home is the best! Choose all the meats and veggies you want! Clean-up isn't that bad either.


        1. shaab in old town pasadena is awesome

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          1. re: chefthisguy

            I concur. Once I tried Shaab, I stopped going to little Tokyo

            1. re: chefthisguy

              shaab is okay - i find the meat a little bland, and the service if you don't sit at the bar is inconsistent.

              that being said, it beats waiting an hour at shabu-shabu house in little tokyo.

            2. Anyone try Gyushintei in Torrance lately? I was there with some friends but couldn't get a table unless I wanted to wait for 1 hour.

              1. Just noticed a new Shabu Shabu place on La Brea around 8th. Anyone been?

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                1. re: Sandra W

                  The one on La Brea and 8th is Shabu Shabu Ya. It just opened and I tried it last week. Meat quality is OK...but it is $20.95 for a regular beef (they also have large size and kobe beef). I'd much rather pay $9.99 for a slightly better meal at Zakuro in Little Tokyo.

                2. Yoshi's in Sherman Oaks is pretty good. I've been to all the rest and the downtown ones are probably the best(by a little bit) - but, I've become pretty partial to Yoshi's. It's on Ventura Blvd Between Woodman and Coldwater.

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                  1. re: bigsleep

                    yeah, Yoshi's is good. great service, no rush, good quality food. BTW, it's on Ventura Bl. and Ventura Cyn. Pl..

                  2. I'm a big fan of Seoul Garden in Ktown (olympic east of alvarado). Korean shabu shabu is very different from the Japanese version starting with the broth (meat based, rather than seaweed). Korean style is heavy on the leafy dark greens (sesame leaf, chinese leeks, green onions, etc) and light on the extras. Beef is the way to go, although SG offers a chicken option. Also, SG is family style so the broth really develops. (I'm not a fan of individual style shabu shabu, not enough stuff ever gets cooked in the broth.) This is important for the udon course, and the porridge course, which come later. They only offer one dipping sauce, but its a quite tasty soy vinegar concoction. Finally, at SG you get all the tasty sides typical for a Korean restaurant.

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                    1. re: theboatmanscall

                      What's the price/per person at SG? I've never tried Korean Shabu. I wanna give it a shot.

                      1. re: henrychan888

                        we usually get out of there for about $20 pp w/o booze. as a rule of thumb, we order 1 order less than our party, so 5 people, 4 orders. (with two people, get 2 orders)

                    2. i think gyushintei in torrance has the best extra-marbled shabu shabu in LA (or NY or boston or DC, just the places i'm familiar with).

                      if i lived near it, i'd go eat there everyday.