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Oct 28, 2006 01:14 AM

Kitchen Arts and Letters

1435 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10128

Has anyone been to this shop? I'm from Louisiana but have a friend working there. He said it's a store with only cookbooks and other food related literature. Would love some insight on the place. I'll be in NY next month and am definitely going to check it out. Sounds like a chowhounders dream!!!!

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  1. Definitely go by ... a wonderful store and resource. I live in the neighborhood and should go by more often ... but there is always the risk of another cookbook purchase.

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      I definitely plan on going when I go up next month. If you happen to pop in and see a precios young man named Rien working tell him katp from Lafayette says hello!

    2. Call the store before planning a trip to the store. They have odd hours, especially in nice weather.

      1. Kitchen Arts is out of my zone, so I rarely get up there. But it's an amazing place.

        1. You have a friend working there? It's the size of my bedroom... so your friend is either the owner, the manager or maybe one other person who is there stacking books in the back. Anyway, it's only a chowhounders dream if you actually cook, and that's not a safe bet on this board. The store tends not to carry the same junk (i.e., Food Network chefs) that the regular bookstores carry. They specialize in chef books and imported books. So if you want a stunning imported cookbook from the hottest chef in Australia at the moment, this is the place for you. And if you want something that is rare or out of print, this is the place for you. Personally, I cook a lot at home, and I love to see what chefs around the world are up to, so I love this store. It's definitely like a "dream" for me. The staff is ridiculously savvy about cookbooks.

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            I'm not sure what he does there. I think it's just part time, he's a student. I love to cook and am very excited about checking out the store when I am in New York next month. It sounds very interesting from what you say.

          2. I am from that neighborhood, and they've been a tremendous resource throughout my life and my career in food. In fact, I now work at a Michelin-starred restaurant in England, and I still call them to find me some of the really tough stuff. But it's not all about finding really obscure or foreign books - if you're just looking for a new cookbook or book about food to inspire you, they're the place to go to. And in the age of Amazon and free shipping, their expertise makes them well-worth going to a brick-and-mortar shop.