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Labatt's 50 On Tap in TO?

I love 50, but find less and less places in Toronto are keeping it on tap. Anyone know of places where it's at? I currently know of:

- The Rex
- Casey's (on Front St.)
- Bishop & The Belcher

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  1. last i heard the social on queen west, down from the drake had it on tap. when they opened it was $3.50 a pint, i'm sure it's more now unfortunatly. opening night i had 9.....made some serious long distance calls on the porcalin phone that night :-)

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      According to a Martiniboys review, $3.50 is the going price. Sweet! Thank you.

    2. The Roxton, on Harbord, just east of Ossington. Great bar, great food.

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        The last couple responses are making me think 50 is becoming so-unhip-it's-hip.

        I'll definitely have to hit up the Roxton soon. Thanks!

      2. Whelan's Gate bloor and indian rd has 50 on tap, not sure of the price though, nice little spot as well

        1. The Beaconsfield at 1154 Queen Street West (on the corner opposite the Drake) had it on tap last time I was there.

          1. czehoski has it for about 3.50 a pint with the tax included. nice setting, cheap beer, what more do you need?

            i think that you can also go to sneaky dees on sundays and get it for 3? that or they just have beers there for 3 period, not exactly sure which.

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              Czehoski actually has it on tap? I thought only bottled. Been wanting to go there for a while; I'll have to make it happen now. Thank you!

            2. Legend's on St Clair just west of Bathurst seems to trade it out with Keith's every couple of months.

              I keep buggin the bartender Randy to keep it there but I guess I'm just not there often enough to prove that there's interest!

              Yes, The (mighty) Rex has always had it on tap but am I the only one who thinks that it tastes a bit off?

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                I was at the Rex the other night and the guys in the group had the same thing to say. My SO think it's the best 50 in the city. Slightly off, but somehow makes it even better.

              2. Scallywags at St Clair and Yonge has it on tap.

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                  Its funny.

                  When i saw this topic, I immediately thought the same thing. Was there last night and they definitely have it on tap.

                2. Yep, superizzy, funny, eh? I too was there yesterday afternoon--with a friend who goes there for the 50 on tap (along with a few other reasons).

                  1. What is the attraction to 50?

                    1. fionn maccools has it on tap, at least the one on king.

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                        Really; the one in the financial core?