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Birthday Cake-need rec's

My wife's birthday is coming up next weekend, and I'd love to hear some rec's of a cake that would knock her socks off. I'd particularly love to hear about fantastic carrot cake, but anything is fair game if it's truly a special experience. I'm willing to drive wherever.

Your opinion is appreciated.

Thanks, hounds!

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  1. Try the carrot cake at Portos

    1. Bear cake at Susina's on Beverly Blvd.
      Chocolate layered cake with whipcream and exterior covered in chocolate shavings.

      1. Please, if my husband ever posts this question, no one encourage him to bake!

        1. Just had carrot cake from Costco for a birthday party this week. It was excellent.

          1. I once had a triple layer chocolate birthday cake ordered from Europane in Pasadena. It was delicious - moist, not too sweet and made with excellent quality chocolate. It was a very adult cake.

            1. LTEC(Let them eat cake)in Costa Mesa(across from the OC fair grounds).
              The Winner of the Food Network Cake Championship-10,000.
              Bet the Farm, nothing is better. Kar won't eat anything else!

              1. Fantasy Frostings - amazing. The marble with bananas and the chocolate with toffee are out of this world!

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                  Fantasy Frostings is a good idea if you've got a lot of time and money. Only thing is you have to call her and see if she has time. Then you have to drive all the way down there and pick it up (she may not be around on weekends). She will make a carrot cake-- everything from scratch, using excellent ingredients. It'll run you about $150 or so. Best part about this cake is that it will just breathtakingly gorgeous. Like, I'd want my wedding cake done by them.

                  Jin in Venice also does custom cakes. I think she is a bit more available.

                2. Thanks for the input, everybody. I'm going to try and get around to taste a few before ordering.

                  1. Get the carrot cake from Portos Bakery in Glendale or North Hollywood.... Actually you can't go wrong with any cake you get from there.

                    1. At Sweet Lady Jane on Melrose, I once had a slice of chocolate cake layered with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, and covered in dark chocolate ganache. It was the most heavenly piece of cake I have had in my life. Perfection.

                      1. Sweet Lady Jane & Susina's are both good ideas -- for lighter and less sweet, try Mousse Fantasy on Sawtelle or Cafe Vanille in San Marino/San Gabriel area.

                        And I agree that home baking is nice (and would be amazing) if you know how -- and that some others should not be allowed near the oven.


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                          ooh, is Cafe Vanille good? what do you recommend? my parents live in San Marino and I see that place pretty often but never bothered to try... the bakery that was there before (Opus) kind of resembled it and wasn't very good or unique.

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                            In general I'd say Cafe Vanille's cakes are pretty good - but it honestly can be a bit of hit and miss since they have so many different variety. So I'd definitely suggest buying their individual cakes first (or go for their afternoon tea, which is about 6 bite-sized pieces of cakes) before committing a whole cake order.


                        2. i LOVE creative cakery. i only know of the one in los alamitos (orange county), but it looks like they have expanded:


                          the carrot cake is divine! the cakes come in bundt form with fabulous ribbon decoration tops..see the site for more details and good luck!

                          1. Cakewalk
                            1326 E. 1st Street
                            Los Angeles, CA 90026
                            (323) 261-0852


                            1. if you order ahead at pavilions you can get a cake similar to the sweet lady jane three berry cake for a song. just order the white cake with whipped cream frosting and a layer of fresh berries. it's surprisingly good and baked to order.

                              1. Cake Divas has one of the best Carrot Cakes, hands down. They will also do a fabulous job with decoration. Check out their website.


                                1. Thanks again, everybody. Lots of good info. here.

                                  Had a pre-tasting of the Porto's carrot cake today. It's pretty outstanding. Love the texture of the cake, and that they understand that it's a carrot cake, not a spice cake. (Seriously, if you like Costco carrot cake, you should try actual carrot cake sometime. You'll love it.) Portos=moist, dense, delicious. The pineapple is terrific. The frosting is good. I would have been thrilled with it if it hadn't been chased by a red velvet cupcake from Yummy Cupcakes, just down the road on Magnolia Blvd. Their cream cheese frosting was a bit better than Porto's. However, they describe their carrot cake as a spice cake with carrots, and it's special-order (no tasting), so no help there.

                                  Yummy Cupcakes is a great place, though. The red velvet was terrific. Someone brought cupcakes to a function I was at last night, and I had a caramel apple cupcake. That was amazing.

                                  Incidentally, I also tried potato ball and guava cheese pastry at Porto's. They're good, but the carrot cake is better.

                                  1. I love the cakes at Susina. Not too sweet, not overly dense and so delicious. I always order them for birthdays at work- they even deliver, which is great. I particularly love the Berry cake- light white cake with white chocolate mousse and seasonal berries, garnished with white chocolate shavings. Yum.

                                    Tuna Toast: http://tokyoastrogirl.blogspot.com/

                                    1. Try sweetcake in East Holywood...fantastic