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Oct 28, 2006 12:30 AM

Food for one in Des Moines?

I'm traveling to Des Moines for business for a couple days, wondering what's good to eat, especially restaurants that would be good for one eating alone. I'll eat anything, but I'd like local specialties/favorites, and I'd like cheaper if at all possible. Thanks in advance.

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  1. You might try the Star Bar or 43, downtown, for their small plates. You can sit at the bar at either place if you want, which could facilitate conversation. We've got some good Asian places in town if you like tht sort of thing. For steaks, 801 is a great place if you are on an expense account. Terrific beef. Jesse's Embers is more the chowhound kind of place, with good steak as well.

    1. Try A Dong. It's in the Sherman Hill Historical District near downtown. Fresh, simple Vietnamese.

      1. Try the Continental in the East Village (East Locust) for small plates. The front window are small for one.

        Two doors down is Lucca, higher price but also small tables where you will feel comfortable. BOTH, are also lunch options. I agree with the A Dong rec. An unexpected place in the middle of the country. Star Bar is a good rec, but it is an upper end pub food. At lunch go for the small plates.

        Also, if you have the time, try a small Thai place, Thai Flavors at 14th and University. And, take a look at Bob from Iowa posts an this board. Many good ideas. Enjoy Des Moines and let us know what you think.

        1. If you like mexican- I would recommend Tasty Tacos. Just order a couple of originals. Um good. Cobblestone - 86th and Hickman.

          1. Try Cosi Cucina - it is in Clive, IA one of the suburbs of Des Moines - Excellent Italian and top notch service - they are located at 1975 Northwest 86th Street - 515-279-8148

            Every time I am back in Des Moines I always stop there -