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Oct 27, 2006 11:26 PM

Chicken Holic aka More Korean Fried Chicken on Northern Blvd.

On my way to Han au Reum today, I noticed that adjacent to the Great Scott Cleaners on Northern and about 157th there is a vacant storefront with a huge banner that reads "Coming Soon....Chicken Holic" There were a lot of Korean characters that I couldn't quite make out, but I was able to figure out that a new fried chicken place was about to join the other two on the same side of the block. Cool for the 'hood.

On the fried chicken theme, at Four Seasons, which was once Maru, I picked up some great fried spicy chicken (all white meat surprisingly )for a mere 3.99 in addition to crab pancakes, scallion pajun, and the most gorgeous, tender slabs of slightly browned tofu annointed with dainty dollups of spicy, scallion-flecked gochuchang. Yum. Their daily pan chan offerings are sublime...far better than Hansol these days, in my humble opinion.

The flats of figs at Han au Reum were beautiful and oh so sweet and the crates of clementines were of excellent quality. I just wish they'd bring my poon-au-pang lady back. We miss her terribly. Rumor is she's happy in her native Korea.

Oh and the big corner Shabu restaurant on Northern and about 158 is slated for a grand opening on 3 November. They have been working on it forever. It will be interesting to finally check it out.

All Good Things,

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  1. hi,

    thanks for your update.

    1) i believe the shabu shabu place was a flop and they have changed the awning to be like a korean bbq buffet type of place. the awning looks exactly the same but instead it says bbq or what not.

    i was told the shabu shabu was awful and expensive. i personally like minnie's shabu shabu in flushing near main st (it's one of the avenues - i forget - 39th ave or so?).

    2) good to hear about the clementines - probably one of the few things i appreciate about the winter. i find the fruits are fairly fresh at the han ah reum in that shopping plaza right next to the great scott cleaners. but i go to the chinese supermarket on kissena blvd next to east manor for veggies - super fresh and cheap. too bad it's a madhouse.

    3) i also saw that awning for the fried chicken - interested to see what that is about. i had the most amazing korean fried chicken in seoul, korea and i yearn to find the replica in queens. i usually go to korean health center right on northern & i believe... 159th/160th st or so for my chicken fix.

    1. I, too, go to the health center...I LOVE the samgae-tang, whole chicken in redolant ginseng broth fro anyone following along. It always chases my colds away. Do you have the samgae-tang when you go? What else do you recommend?

      I have to check out the Chinese Produce market near East Manor again. Most of my students' parents buy their fruits and veggies there. They say that the prices are so rock-bottom b/c the produce must be used the same day it is purchased for the most part- their buyers get stuff extremely cheap that's about to "turn." I never knew this until one of my kids' dads told me, but I have always found their items sub-par. Perhaps things have changed. I'm slated to have some Malaysian a few stores down fromm the market, so I'll poke my nose in.

      BTW, Have you ever been to the restaurant called SOON DAE on Northern and about 160th? If so, how is it?

      1. What is the address for 4 seasons/Maru?

        1. It's on the south side of Northern Blvd and about 158th Street. It clearly says Four Seasons in English, so you won't be mistaken.

          By evening many of the take-out foods I had described are sold-out- better to get there early to mid afternoon and pick stuff up for supper if you have that convenience.


          1. I've posted a few times with respect to Mani Mani, a place where you can get two kinds of Korean Fried Chicken, plain or glazed, both served on heaping plates fit for two or three hungry diners. I wouldn't recommend anything else here - so order Sushi and countless other menu items at your own risk - but I have returned a few times for the bird.

            Mani Mani: 163-24 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY ph: 718-539-0288

            Glad to hear/read of new Korean Fried Chicken joints popping up onto the landscape; Flushing/Murray Hill is becoming more and more like Seoul with each passing day.