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Two London Question for California Visitor

I'll be staying in Primrose Hill in November.

1. Where can I take my host for a lovely meal for under 100USD for the two us (no alcohol) where it's not dressy or too smart? Not travelling with a dinner jacket (hardly ever get used in informal LA, anyhow).

2. Where can I do shopping for best quality produce, meat and fish in that neighborhood? She's just moved there and I doubt she's looked into it. Local and seasonal is best.

Thanks, Londoners!

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  1. You may be in luck

    Bryn Williams who is an excellent young chef has just taken over a Odettes in Primrose Hill. I think it will prove pretty popular so you may need to book in advance. £60 for two is still on the cheap side for London, but I think, without booze, you should be able to manage it there.


    Hope this helps

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      Would argue that Odette's is pretty dressy/fussy. Try La Collina on Princess Road instead

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        The lovely and talented Marina O'Loughlin just reviewed Odettes, so it's bound to be packed! Especially since she liked it better than the eponymous Gordon Ramsey.



    2. Primrose Hill Farmers' Market is open from 9am-1pm every Saturday in Primrose Hill School on Princess Road.

      London Farmers' Markets are excellent.


      1. Sardo Canale is a lovely Sardinian restaurant in Primrose Hill, i reckon u'de pay about £60 (without wine, but not sure though.

        1. thanks, folks! is there anything Camden you can also suggest since it's nearby?

          1. I posted this a while ago but it is worth repeating as this place is a great little Lebanese just South of Camden tube


            Well worth a try


            1. Good recs in Marylebone, which is just south of Primrose Hill are Michael Moore and Fairuz. MM is neuvo-Carribean-Brit while Fairuz is excellent Lebanese. You should be able to both eat a fine meal for about $100.

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                Speaking of Marylebone, why not try Providores on Marylebone High Street?



              2. Sardo Canale would be a nice place and if she's in Camden, it's perfect location-wise. I also love The Providores--it's a great place to introduce her to because if she enjoys an occassional shopping stroll on Oxford Street, she can stop in to The Providores for a glass of wine and snacks all by herself, no probs. Marylebone High Street is great for shopping too.

                Although Borough Market (Fris, Sats only) isn't super-close for fresh shopping, it's a straight shot to London Bridge on the Nothern Line from Camden Town. Get there early-ish to avoid the crowds. Get the Chorizo sandwich from Brindisa and the Raclette from the guy with the potatoes and cheese and little pickles. And wander through Neal's Yard for the cheese. And stop in The Rake for a beer. And buy some Comte from the Borough Cheese company. Seriously, I could go on and on. It's a great place to spend a Saturday a.m.

                1. Hello

                  I have no restuarant recs for you, but I have read about markets recently in thelondonapaper. Here is the link,


                  or, the tiny version


                  It is all about Primrose finally getting a few shopping markets for us foodies.

                  You may want to seek out a larger market, though.

                  1. I'll second that rec for The Rake

                    1. Thanks- you have all been terrific and given me many good recs - tapas at providores might be the ticket for the simple reason that Los Angeles tapa=overpriced letdown and might as well get it where's it's good and this looks good.

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                        Borough Market is a must! It is twenty three times better than any farmers market in NYC. Aside form produce I would bet my right arm that is better than anything in california. There are close to a hundred vendors. My favorite was Guiseppe. He brings cheese and pork products from family farms in Calabria. The selection changes weekly. There is a spreadable chorizo type stuff that works in pastas and spread on bread and heated. His food is completly non-commercial, his suppliers do not produce to sell any where other than their local calabrian markets. The flavors brought tears to my eyes.

                        Runners Up: --Oyster guy
                        --organic mushroom guy
                        I had a fairly dissapointing meal at Fairuz about 5 months ago. On Moxon street, which is off marylebone high street you must go to la fromagerie for a quick french farmhouse style lunch.

                      2. thanks for all the enthusiastic response. Little did I know that Primrose was going to be such a food mecca. Never had the big meal simply because the shopping was so good why bother? best sausage ever from the saturday market - one had apricot in it and another excellent blood sausage. Bread, vegetables, organic free range chicken, we need a market like this in silverlake!