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Oct 27, 2006 10:49 PM

Fresh Ramen noodles

Whats the proper way to cook fresh (not dried) ramen noodles? I'm guessing I should cook them separate from the broth and combine once they are cooked? How long do they take to cook?

Does anyone have a quick and easy soup base?


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  1. are you talking about a fish based broth like Udon noodles...or are you trying to go for more of a top ramen style base?

    1. Either would be fine. But I'm more used to Top-Ramen stile.

      1. I boil for 3 min. in plain water, drain, toss into a bowl, and top with hot broth and goodies, tofu, seaweed, egg, cooked chicken/pork/beef, napa cabbage/bok choy, slices of purple yam/butternut/acorn squash, fresh mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, green onion--basically I clean the fridge. A quick soup base I use is 1 can chicken broth, some water, japanese liquid noodle soup base, maybe some bonito flakes, a reconstituted shitake mushroom. Sometimes, gasp, I use cambells chicken noodle soup and asian it up.

        1. Ramen is the thin noodles. Udon are the thick ones. If you mean fresh thin japanese noodles, then it depends if they are made Korean style or Japanese style. The Japanese ramen can be cooked in the broth. The Korean style are starchier and get pasty so they're better if they are cooked separately, refreshed in cold water and then added to the rest of the ramen ingredients and broth.

          1. Cooking the noodles in the often carefully concocted broth would cook and flavor the noodles fine, but their released starches will often undesirably 'cloud & thicken' the broth...

            So cook them separately, and even 'cool & reserve' if you want---then add as needed...

            Edited: Sorry, I didn't read elizabt's post that said much of the same thing...