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Oct 27, 2006 10:40 PM

anyone know of a biweekly csa?

i'm looking to start subscribing to a local csa soon. h/w i'm trying to be realistic and think that one delivery every 2 weeks is probably a good start for the so and i.

my conditions:
i'm willing to pick the box up from a pick up point in the city, don't need to be able to pick what's in it, but want all of the contents to be locally grown.


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  1. Try Capay, they are fairly flexible and I am very happy with my subscription.

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    1. re: sarvey

      I loved Capay all the months I had it! I didn't always need it so I cancelled after awhile, but the food is delicious. And the carrots are to die for. Before you do anything to them, just rinse them lightly and eat them whole and raw. And if you know any rabbits or guinea pgs, feed them the greens.

    2. I think most of them will let you do that.

      I know Full Belly does, but they don't have any pickup points in SF.

      1. Eatwell offers both weekely and bi-weekly subscriptions, you can also pause your subscription when you go out of town and can order eggs from the farm as well. We've been with them for almost a year and have been very happy.

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        1. re: China

          I'll second Eatwell...wife and I have been getting bi-weekly boxes since May and they're great!

        2. Two Small Farms allows for every other week pick up (that's what I do for a household of 2). Pick up locations are very convenient and open late.

          Yelp review

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            I was about to post, but someone beat me to it: Two Small Farms. We do every other week for 2 people...they run seasonally (March-November). Same farm that supplies many restaurants (Mariquita Farm). The newsletter is very entertaining as well. One drawback - strawberries are the only fruit.

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              I've been getting apples lately too and tomatoes, but that's more of a technicality!