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Oct 27, 2006 10:33 PM

Need a good Thai in Berkeley TONIGHT

Going to a concert at the Greek Theater...looking for any new, great Thai places Downtown, but a little farther is OK if it is worth it. I have been to Cha Am many times, and I agree with some recent posts that it is not so great anymore. Plearn was the original in the area, went there a lot 15-20 years ago, but is there anyplace new and great I should try? I have seen a few mentioned on Solano. Are the options there or on San Pablo better than anything near University/Shattuck?

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  1. Not that I've found.

    Depending on where you're coming from, you could stop by Champa Garden on your way.

    In Berkeley, you might try Jayakarta, the new Indonesian place.

    1. Isn't Lucky Thai, on University between Shattuck and Oxford, supposed to be good? If I remember correctly, it has gotten positive reviews on this board. Try a search.

      1. Champa Garden sounds good. Will have to try it another time, though. Still hoping for something in Berkeley, although Rockridge works also. Is that Burmese place on College Ave., Nan Yang, I think, still there and worth going to?

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          Nan Yang's still there, but I think the consensus is it hasn't been worth going to since it moved there.

        2. I go to Ruen Pair at 1045 San Pablo Ave in Albany. Everything I always order there has been very good. Plus they do, do HOT if asked.

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          1. re: DogGone Hungry

            Ruen Pair's pretty good. Better than anyplace I've found in Berkeley proper.


            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              What about the place at the top of Solano? I haven't been there in years but I used to like it.

            2. re: DogGone Hungry

              I also go to Ruen Pair most often, on recommendation of our Thai friends, and always love what I get. I suggest telling them how hot you want it on a scale of 1 to 10 or you might get it milder than you want (but not nearly as hot as they can make it)!

            3. Ruen Pair is probably the best around. Warning. Their hot is really really really hot. Their medium is hotter than most places when you ask them for really hot. The places I've been to on Solano have been nothing more than "oh, its fine". The Ruen Pair food is very good, but I kid you not about the hot - you will burn from one end to the other for about a day and a half - and I like hot.