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Oct 27, 2006 10:30 PM

Amherst NH Farmers Market will be open this winter

The Amherst Farmers Market, which was held on the Common all summer, continues through the winter indoors at Salzburg Square. The market features vegetables, eggs, dairy, meat, fish, artisan breads, NH wine, flowers, conifers, soaps and other New Hampshire made products. Hours in November will be Thursday 11-7, Friday and Saturday 11-4 and all week Thanksgiving week. Salzburg Square is located on Rte 101, near Horace Greeley Road, just past Black Forest Bakery if you're heading east.

The fishmonger goes down to Boston at 3am and brings back the freshest, most pristine fish I've tasted. Try the Jewell Towne white--not bad for a NH wine.

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  1. FYI, the bread lady aka The Good Loaf is back--here are her offerings:


    Multigrain, Oatmeal, Cinnamon/raisin, Pain de mie, Rolls, 5 grain levain, Kalamata sourdough, Pain rustique, Baguettes/epis de ble

    Sourdough, Rustic rye with walnuts and raisins, Bread crumbs

    Oatmeal and molasses stuffing

    Multigrain croutons

    Fig/anis chips


    Wild maine blueberry scones

    Cherry/white chocolate and toasted almond scones

    Tuxedo cookies

    Oatmeal, dried cherry, toasted walnut, and dark chocolate cookies


    Chocolate decadence cookies

    And coconut cupcakes….

    The market is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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      That's good to know. We went a couple of months ago and the place was barren.

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        We bought some perfect salmon there yesterday from the Fish Lady--prepared it with ginger and lemon, delicious. Here's her website:

    2. Just so you know, the Amherst Farmers Market is only on Thursdays on the village green and only May thru October.

      There is now The Farmers' Market at Salzberg Square - open year-round!!!!
      7 days a week with local and organic produce from Joppa Hill Farm and other local farms. Local buffalo, beef, chicken, eggs, cheese, milk... you name it. The Good Loaf is still there, and so is A & E Coffee, Liberty Fish (fresh fish all week long!) and a bunch of other local vendors including ice cream, tea, dog and cat treats, chocolates, gifts and more. A little bit of everything for everyone.
      If you want to support the local economy check them out...