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Oct 27, 2006 09:51 PM

Turducken to go?

In a long story not worth explaining, my Boston-based parents are moving the date of Thanksgiving (they're exceptionally powerful people, obviously) because my little bro has to work that day. Which means I'm left up to my own devices for something to do on November 23. I've always been fascinated with Turducken, and would love to serve the bird-on-bird-on-bird to my other little wanderer friends.

There's no room in my kitchen to de-bone a turkey, so I'm wondering if anyone knows a local place I can purchase one?

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  1. Try calling Ben's Meat-O-Mat (718) 884-7373 in Riverdale. A friend of mine said that she has seen it there from time to time.

    1. A Turducken is great, but it takes some stuffing and cooking skill. There was a NY Times article in 2002 that listed butchers that de-boned the birds. Although I must say that I lived in New Orleans for a few years and the best holiday treat is a deep fried turkey. Pretty easy to do if you have a back yard, a big galvanized pot, a large syringe, a burner, and a few gallons of peanut oil, or you can go to Brooklyn and pick on up at Jive Turkey.

      1. Thanks! I'll have to check them both out. Evidently Fresh Direct will be offering Turducken as well. Hooray!

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          JiveTurkey is a great place but can become quickly overwhelmed during the holidays due to the limited fryers and huge influx of orders. Check them out before the holidays get your bird 2-3 weeks prior to Thanksgiving otherwise you will suffer the wait...

          If you are interested in a Turducken try the Cajun Grocer....they sell different ones...