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Oct 27, 2006 09:43 PM

Pho Pasteur?

In Boston for the weekend and remember a posting a while back about Pho Pasteur being decent. Ate at Le's today for lunch and it was good (hey I'm from northern NH) and thought I'd take my other half who worked all day to their sister? restaurant Pho Pasteur...

Are they still related? I checked out PP's website and it says they're on Stuart St. in Boston... no listing in phone book except on Washington ST. I called them to find out if Stuart St. had moved but I don't know if the person I was talking with understood what I was asking - just said they were on Washington.

Help.. I want to enjoy dinner tonight...
As an alternative, is Montien Thai on Tremont still a good option?

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  1. The PP on Stuart Street (a fusion-y upscale fake-Vietnamese place) in the Transportation Building has been gone for years. As I understand it, the original owners of Pho Pasteur sold their Chinatown location on Washington Street near Tyler St to another operator that still uses that name; the former Pho Pasteurs are now called Le's. (The Newbury Street location is also gone.)

    I haven't been to the Chinatown Pho Pasteur in a while, but I remember it as being okay. I much prefer the nearby Xinh Xinh on Tyler Street, a friendly storefront with superb Vietnamese for not much money. Mon Tien is still good, though I recommend sticking to the "Thai specialities" menu there; the regular menu is pretty pedestrian Westernized Thai.

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      Was at the Le's in Chestnut Hill mall last week. VERY inexpensive as usual. Good sashimi, vermicelli was OK, as was some sort of Vietnamese fried rice. Can't say it's the best -- much prefer Pho #1 in Woburn, but can't beat the price.