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Oct 27, 2006 09:31 PM

Looking for free tastings in Napa?

I’m going wine tasting next weekend with some friends, and was looking for some recommendations of wineries to visit in Napa. Ideally, we’d like to not have to pay if we can, although paying a little is better than bad wine :-)

Also, although I know there are fantastic wineries there, please don’t suggest places in sonoma or the like – we’re headed to Napa.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Rombauer Winery is GREAT!

    V Sattui is also complimentary, but a bit of a zoo. They have an excellent deli and picnic area though.

    1. See also:

      for a comprehensive list of wineries and prices!

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        Great list. I didn't see the prices though.

      2. Frank Family has free tastings, 3 bubbly and 4 still wines. It was a friendly and informative experience and their wines were very good. Chappellet Winery was spectacular up in the hills and we were not charged for a tour and tasting. They have excellent wines.

        1. Paying is better than tasting bad wine, you said it.

          1. There are some lovely wineries in Napa but most of them charge. In the southern part of the valley, Cliff Lede is a beautiful tasting room with outstanding wines, but they charge. Miner Family has outstanding wines and a lovely tasting room with a great view of the valley, and they chatge.

            Head way up north, beyood Calistoga. Bennett Lane, Calistoga Cellars, Summers, they may or may not charge you. Just south of there on the Silverado Trail, stop at August Briggs, excellent wines, don't believe there's a charge and you may very well get a barrel tasting for free.

            Markham Winery has a full list of wines from Sauv Blanc to Cab. They are all well crafeted but not expensive. They are just north of St. Helena. The tasting fee is minimal for getting to tasting a number of wines.

            Plus, many of the wineries will refund your tasting fee with the purchase of a bottle of wine.

            Enjou your trip. Napa is full of great wineries with great wines. We live here and visit it almost monthly. As beckiefd said, paying is better than drinking bad wines.

            Oh, check out Dutch Henry, think they are free plus have super wine.

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              Dutch Henry also sells some of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Valley.