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Oct 27, 2006 09:10 PM

Good bagel place in Boerum Hill/Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens area?

Why isn't there one? Just moved to the neighborhood and desperately longing for something of Murray's Bagels caliber. Somewhere nice and clean, with good fresh bagels, and good bagel smearing options.

Victory Cafe's pretty good, if they have any bagels left by the time you get there. And Cafe Nova's just kind of okay. Other places just seem horribly mediocre. Does anyone know of any weekend morning, bagel and cream cheese offering hidden gems?

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  1. Yeah, you're more or less out of luck. You can get decent bagels at that downstairs place on Montague--can't remember the name but it's near Henry St. I also like the bagels at Fairway in Red Hook...fresh and not too massive. There's nothing on a par w/Murray's that I know of, though.

    1. Montague bagels is the name of that place and I agree---they have the best, most satisfying bagels around.

      1. Bagel World! Court & Dean. The fat, chewy kind, slightly undercooked. Delicious! I can't stand Bagels By the Park in Carroll Gardens, by way of comparison.

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        1. Bagel Hole in Park Slope (7th Ave. near 12th St.) has the best bagels in all of upper Brooklyn. The real old fashioned NYC small and chewy kind. But has zero ambience, no seating, and the stuff they have to put on the bagels ain't all that great.

          Other than that it isn't really a bagel area and I recommend a quick trip on the F train back to Murray's or somewhere else decent in Manhattan.

          1. In Carroll Gardens, the best around is F Stop Bagels, on Smith and 9th St. (Though the MTA made them take down the F.) Better than Bagel World by far.