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Oct 27, 2006 08:46 PM

Buu Dien mini review (Banh Mi in Chinatown)

Went to this Banh Mi place yesterday around 3:30pm. Its located between Broadway and New High street across from Pho Hoa.

Ordered a BBQ pork bahn mi with all the fixings for $2.50.

Although I liked the fixings a lot, the thing that brought down the sandwich was the meat. Although it tasted good, it was RIDICULOUSLY tough, like eating beef jerkey. By the end of the sandwich my jaw was sore!

Is this the norm with the BBQ pork there or was this just a bad experience?

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  1. I usually get the cold cut or chicken and never a problem with those.
    BBQ pork at Lee's and Bahn Mi Che Cali is very good.

    1. It's a bad experience, or you need to exercise your jaw muscles more often.... :-)

      1. Thi has said they're known for their sausage. (nem something)? I've had it, but I just don't like the sausage itself as much as other options. I find Buu Dien's sandwiches pretty dry.