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Oct 27, 2006 08:44 PM

ELK? Help!

Hi fellow hounds
my friend brought us some elk meat. Steaks and ground meat. Do I just treat it like beef and make a stew??

any special advice?


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    1. It is very lean, so as saeyedoc says, don't overcook it. I use the ground elk the same as I do ground beef. I marinate my steaks and do them on the grill, on the rare side.

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      1. re: marycarol

        Elk is very lean and the best elk-burgers always need a bit of beef fat added to them.

        I have found the wild game steaks are always better when marinated for 3-6 hours. Grill them over a very hot fire, and don't cook to much over 150F. Don't forget to let them rest covered with loosely tented foil for 5 minutes.

      2. Strangely enough, Joy of Cooking might have a recipe. I have one of their older cookbooks and they have advice for cooking some pretty exotic game.

        Another place to try is the LL Bean cookbook.

        1. Definitely agree with addition of beef tallow to the ground elk, otherwise they will fall apart.

          1. Hi - Have not cooked elk for years, but my family's main red meat is venison, similar to handle. I have found that the lean game is wonderful when treated in the manner of Wiener schnitzel. Slice your steaks thinly, then dredge in flour, an egg dip, then seasoned bread crumbs. Regrigerate to set, then fry. Read up on the process - it's simple, but precise...and a quick weeknight meal. The ground meat makes delicious meatballs. I agree with the addition of some ground fat to enrich, but have also had great success with just adding an additional egg and egg yolk to the meat/crumb/aromatic mixture when I am out of any tallow or fatback. I hope your friend gives you more elk - it's great!