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Oct 27, 2006 07:48 PM

Breakfast near the Brooklyn Bridge

I will be staying near the Brooklyn Bridge with my husband and teenagers during a November weekend and am looking for a good breakfast place nearby. Any suggestions?

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  1. Bubby's on Main Street. American comfort food. We went to a wedding reception there after the ceremony beneath the Brooklyn Bridge and it was lovely.

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      can you tell me more about the food at the wedding at Bubby's?

    2. Not cheap, but the breakfast in the Brooklyn Marriott is pretty good.

      1. Thanks for the help.

        1. If it's a weekend, hop over to Smith St. and you have plenty of options:

          Bar Tabac
          Apt 138 (very nice stuffed french toast with blueberries)
          Boerum Hill Food Co.

          And further down the street is Chestnut, whose brunch (sunday only) is the best I've found in the area.

          1. Eat in or take out? One of my favorite breakfasts is taking out ham and egg on a croissant and a coffee from Lassen & Hennings and walking over to the promenade. Cheap and awesome.