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Oct 27, 2006 07:23 PM

Rabbit in Philly

Where is the best restaurant serving Rabbit in the general area?

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  1. Rabbit on menu....... Paradiso on east passyunk ave. in South Philadelphia...... actually, one of the better restaurants in Philadelphia.

    1. A question for you roscoet: are they serving rabbit in some kind of sauce as a main dish at Paradiso, or do they also have pasta sauce made with hare? That's one of my favorite dishes in Italy, but I wasn't as charmed by rabbit as an entree as I thought I would be.

      Can you describe the rabbit dishes you have eaten there?

      1. Vetri sometimes offers rabbit.You could call and find out. Be prepared to spend $$$$ (if you can afford it) for some of the most splendid food you will ever have the pleasure to eat!!!

        1. Ava serves pappardelle pasta with a rabbit ragu. One of the best pasta dishes I have had in the city hands down.

          1. I second Paradiso. They do it cacciatore-style with a fantastic Mascarpone polenta.