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Oct 27, 2006 06:58 PM

Iron Chef - Brooklyn Heights (BARF)

So I decided to venture out for lunch yesterday and sample this place for lunch, a veritable hot spot for a lunch time eatery. Ordering 3 rolls, tuna, unagi, and yellow tail I was quite surprised by the quantity of rolls but aghast when I put them in my mouth. Blech! Rather than being pieces of fish, it seemed that everything was chopped or blended and put into the roll. The Unagi seemed blended into liquidy-bits and so was everything. My first experience at this place - I give it a D-.


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  1. That's unfortunate. When we're not in the mood for travelling to Taro for sushi, Iron Chef is THE consistantly tasty standby.

    Disclaimer - I rarely eat maki sushi, however the girlfriend does and loves some of their creative rolls.