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Oct 27, 2006 06:48 PM

Thanksgiving buffet in Indianapolis

My husband and I have been treated to some fabulous buffet dinners on Thanksgiving in the last three years: first in the outer banks in NC, next in the French Quarter in NO (ironically the year before Katrina) and finally last year at the now closed Keystone Grille in Indianapolis. Does anyone know of a great gourmet buffet in the Indianapolis area for Thanksgiving? I don't eat meat, but hubby does, so we'd be looking for something that has both. I have made a reservation at the Omni Severin, but I'm not sure its going to be what we are hoping for. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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  1. We'll take suggestions for really nice non-buffet T-day dinners as well.

    1. Bumping this up to see if I can get any responses...
      anybody? anybody??

      1. Just saw your request. We have the same request - where to get a nice meal (downtown Indianapolis) on Thanksgiving. The Eagle's Nest at the Hyatt is not open that holiday. Please let me know if you receive any responses. Thanks!

        1. This was just sent out as part of the Indianapolis Monthly weekly email.....

          --Something to be thankful for: restaurants that serve Thanksgiving supper (so you don't have to). Circle City Bar & Grille (350 W. Maryland St., 405-6100) will offer a salad and dessert buffet, with a family-style sit-down feast of turkey and all the fixings, for $40 for each adult, $25 for each senior and $15 for each child. Or, for a Thanksgiving that's uniquely Indy, you could visit the restaurant at the Brickyard Crossing (4790 W. 16th St., 241-2500) for turkey and giblet gravy (with the standard sides), or prime rib or country ham. Brix (65 S. First St., Zionsville, 732-2233) and Oakleys Bistro (1464 W. 86th St., 824-1231) are focusing on takeout dishes, each offering various soups, chutneys and side dishes--for both, orders must be placed by Saturday November 18th.