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Le Bernadin or Perry ST ? need CH'ers call!!

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a lil guidance wld be greatly appreciated, thx

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  1. Um...what are you looking for?

    1. top flite b day dinner...thx!

      1. haven't been to perry st. but Le Bernardin is amazing. One of the best meals i've ever had. What makes you pick Perry St. over Jean Georges?

        1. I liked Perry Street but fairly casual. Le Bernadin doesn't wow me (based on previous experience). It's way formal.

          Are you interested in other suggestions?

          1. Like eve, I was not wowed by the food at Le Bernardin. And the exra-frosty service coupled with the setting in the lobby of an office building which no amount of camouflage could hide were additional turn-offs.

            1. These places are way different. One is a stylish newcomer, the other an old school 4 star, jacket and tie fish paradise. Both are great!

              1. Even though Le Bernadin is definitely more formal, I think a birthday dinner there will feel more special, and not just because it is fancier and more expensive. I went to Perry Street last Saturday night, and although some dishes were terrific (in particular the chicken entree), and the service and room were lovely, not much seemed special about the food.

                I'm not a big fan of JG, though, and at least I didn't find it annoying in the way I do many of his outposts. I haven't been to LeB in many a moon, but had two great meals there back in the Paleolithic Age.

                1. For me it comes down to the level of pretension that you either seek or are willing to endure. Perry Street: big explosive flavors, a hip downtown room, decent or passable Oneida tableware, relatively casual (given the options) service. Le B: extremely nuanced, ethereal fish preparations tricked out to the nines like a state dinner at Versailles replete with Le Bernaudaud plateware, Riedel wine glasses, Christophle silverware, Frette linens and the imperious service to match. Perry Street is festive, while every time I've eaten at Le B seemed like I was either in church or at a wake. Very much a temple of cuisine where actual fun is frowned upon and "uninterrupted communion with your food" (Bruni, but in reference to L'Atelier) is the norm. So my verdict: Perry Street for fun and celebration, Le B to impress the socks off of someone with how much money you spent on dinner.