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Oct 27, 2006 06:22 PM

Fun and Tasty in Irvine?

I'm looking for a restaurant in Irvine to go with a friend I haven't seen in a year. Hopefully something affordable with a fun and casual ambiance.

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  1. What kind of food are you looking to eat?

    For starters, I'd like to recommend Honda-Ya, because it is affordable, with a fun and casual ambiance...except it's in Tustin.

    Review and PHOTOS of the place and the food:

    Or for casual atmosphere and affordable fish entrees, California Fish Grill in Irvine.

    Review and PHOTOS:

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      1. I'd recommend the following places in Irvine:

        Waters Restaurant (Stick to the low-mid range items.)

        Red Onion Cafe (Fun, tasty, cheap, and just a little exotic.

        Curry House (Homey and comforting, while still adventurous for some.

        Good luck!

        - Chubbypanda

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          1. I don't know what you consider affordable. I also wish you indicated lunch or dinner, b/c i think that makes some difference in price.

            For a good lunch, I really liked Agora Churrascaria for $25.

            I thought Opah in the Market Place had a great vibe.