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Oct 27, 2006 06:17 PM

Good French food in Cleveland???

Does anybody know of any good French Bistro food in Cleveland?

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  1. of course, no need for the 3 question mark drama there is plenty. BARICELLI INN, despite the name and being in little italy, is french and one of the best restaurants in the city. they are also cheese mongers, so make sure to get the cheese course.

    CLASSICS is another higher end french. i dk whats up with them lately tho.

    as i recall PARKERS uses a french approach. def consider it as its closing at the end of the year.

    JOHNNYS BISTRO, MOXIE & the eternal tower city french classic SANS SOUCI are others that come right to mind.

    1. If it doesn't have to be downtown, Bistro du Beaujolais comes to mind.

      1. We just had a wonderful dinner at Christopher's Aurora Bistro in Aurora last night - heavy French influence, though not straight ahead French. I had Osso Bucco Ravioli that was heavenly and my husband had a pork chop served in a Frensh style with onions, mushroom risotto and carrots. They also are one of the few Cleveland area restaurants with a Sommelier.

        1. Cleveland really does not have a great French Bistro. IMO, Bistro Beajolais as mentioned by gourmanda is the closest you'll find but I ddon't think it's "great".

          Is this a question about the general state of French food in Cleveland or are you looking for place to eat?

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          1. re: luckygirl

            naah. for one JOHNNYS is right downtown. its excellent & one of the best downtown restos.

            1. re: mrnyc

              Eke! I strongly disagree with Johnny's downtown being one of Cleveland's best. Johnny's Fulton maybe but not DT. Besides it's not French. Now, when Johnny's Bistro was open... alas it is no longer.

              1. re: luckygirl

                i disagree with that too because i didnt say that. i just meant right downtown. true its not french, it seems more steakhousey to me, but it's fine tho & has a good local scene & they even have some french twists like steak au poive.

                i would have said JOF is still one of the best in town too for sure -- thats good to hear.

          2. Not a bistro but years ago Sans Souci was very good. I wonder if it still is?