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Oct 27, 2006 06:08 PM

Choose Three: Cuvee, August, Table One, Herbsaint, One??

I'm finally coming back and other than the night I'm taking a cooking class with Frank Brigtsen at the House on Bayou Road, I am open for three dinners.

I originally planned to go to One for a dinner and sit at the food bar like I did last year, but I've heard conflicting reports on it since the storm. So now I'm back to three nights. I've been to Herbsaint for lunch (pre-K) and I really enjoyed my dinner at One. (I've been to Emeril's, Bayona, Pelican Club, Brigtsen's, etc. in the past.)

Any thoughts on which of these three you would choose? (I've asked this on another Board, but wanted Chowhound rec's too, since you didn't steer me wrong in the past. I believe some folks only post on one or the other and not both.)

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  1. Just got back from New Orleans this past Monday night. Bayona is as good as it was pre-Katrina, but August was -- if anything -- BETTER than before the storm. That would be my first choice from your list.

    1. You can't go too far wrong with those options however you might want to consider adding Stella or Lilette to your list:

      Lilette is superior to Table One (which I like very much) - it is also open for lunch which is a great way to save some dough.

      And instead of Herbsaint, why not try Cochon - Chef Link's newest venture. It is in the warehouse district and is a little more down-home and cajun influenced than Herbsaint. If you do go, don't miss the fried chicken livers!

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        We had lunch at Cochon, and I second that recommendation -- it was wonderful! So, too, was dinner at Lillette. John Harris served up a wonderful meal.

        Stella!, OTOH . . . .