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Oct 27, 2006 05:58 PM


Any good suggestions for Princeton, preferrably close to campus.

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      searching is only partially helpful. i think what would be even more helpful is if you offered your insights on the places listed in the link you provided. Do you have any specific recommendations? the board here thrives on current info. What places do you recommend? I'm going to princeton soon for a couple of days, so like PrimeRib Guy, I would love any recent thoughts.

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        I think the problem with both your post and PrimeRib Guy's is that they are too general. Hounds are more likely to give specific suggestions if *you* provide specifics about what you are looking for. Info like cuisine preferences, casual vs fancier, and budgetary constraints are most helpful.

        Note: Princeton is actually in Central, not Northern, NJ, so posting questions about it on the Mid-Atlantic board (which is where the moderators have decided Central NJ restaurants belong) would most probably elicit more of a response since there is a very active group of Hounds on that board.

    2. Here are a few of my favs:

      Tortuga's - off the beaten path, but good Mexican food. I haven't been to this location in awhile since I live closer to their Lambertville store now. I love their pollo limon fajitas, flautas, and they make a good, chunky salsa.

      Conte's has pretty decent pizza. Not my favorite in the area, but a nice thin crust. Also off the main drag, down Witherspoon. Gets very crowded on weekends.

      I like Karen's on Witherspoon for Chinese food. They do a cheap lunch special and they serve the thick, crispy noodles I like.

      I am a huge fan of Olive's chicken salad sandwich and macaroni salad. They're a small deli on Witherspoon, no tables. Princeton doesn't have many benches either, so this is the kind of place you'd only go to if you had somewhere else in mind where you could sit to eat. The sandwich, salad and a rootbeer always make me happy.

      Ajihei makes some good sushi. Located on Chambers St. Small place, closed on Mondays.

      Places I've heard are good:

      Ferry House is pricey, but they apparently have good seafood. I've heard yays and nays about Mediterra on Palmer Square. I read a so-so review of Witherspoon Grill, but I've seen some people on here say it's good.

      Places I personally would avoid:

      PJ's Pancake House - used to be great but now the food is mediocre, the portions are tiny and the price is outrageous for what you're getting.

      Blue Point Grill - you'd think that with a fish market right next door they could turn out a good seafood dinner, but the fish is consistently overcooked. It's also a la carte so it can get rather expensive.

      1. Triumph Brewery for mussels and terrific bread.
        Alchemist and Barrister (sit at the bar) for burgers.

        Head over to Jamesburg for a serious meal at Fiddleheads. BYOB.

        1. I can second Tortuga's. When taking in a performance at McCarther Theatre we head over to Tortuga's.

          Another thought, there are a number of great places along Rt. 1 in the direction of The State College of NJ. Visit the college site for recommendations.

          1. Was just at Tortuga's Oct. 27. The entrees were great. I love the chipotle flank steak. Soooo good. The meals in general are reasonably priced and the service is very friendly. It's right on a side street off of Witherspoon street. I also like the fact that everything comes with tortillas and guacamole.

            I've said in previous posts that I had a nice dinner at Sotto, which is right on Nassau Street. It's kind of traditional Italian and not too pricey.

            People really seem to like Mediterra, which is a Mediterranean-influenced restaurant, but I think it's a bit overhyped. I haven't been to the Ferry House in a while, but sampled some of their food at a recent festival and found it very tasty. Both Mediterra and the Ferry House are high up there on the prices.

            Triumph Brewery has decent food and ok beer, but it's not an earth shattering experience and can be kinda pricey. And I never seem to like their live music.

            If you go for pizza, do Conte's. It's really great. Alchemist and Barrister is somewhat pricey, but has really great burgers. And if you're looking for a fun atmosphere like Friday's but with the food kicked up a few notches and less of a "chain restaurant" feel, check out J. Winberrie's.

            Masala Grill is a can't-miss for Indian food-- innovative and delicious.

            There's also wings at Chuck's, which is sort of an institution. If you like wings, this is apparently the place to go. I don't like wings, so I never go there...I don't know anything about the rest of the menu there either.

            Yeah, I've been spending some time in Princeton lately.

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              I wanted to add that at Tortuga's the other dish that rivals the chipotle rubbed skirt steak mentioned above is the chipotle shrimp. They serve it with a chipotle cream sauce, that when I'm feeling evil I order it along with the skirt steak to dip in.