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Oct 27, 2006 05:54 PM

Authentic Nigerian food - Toronto or GTA

Hey hounds,

I've seen some previous posts for West African food with some Nigerian dishes, but does anyone know if there is a specifically Nigerian restaurant anywhere in the GTA?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Oh man, we used to pass by this place right at Keele and Dundas, it was called 'Nigerian Restaurant' or something like that? It looked really run down, and was right beside this garish store that sold all manners of signs. I think it was gone though, last time I drove by.

    1. try
      B's Place African Cuisine 2133 Jane Street

      B's Place African Cuisine
      2133 Jane St, Toronto, ON M3M1A2, CA

      1. MJ's BBQ + Suya in Brampton - great food, lovely people. Not a "restaurant" - mostly takeout with a handful of stools around window counters. Suya chicken/suya beef are what you want - grilled meats in a peanut/ginger/chili spice blend. I've only ever gone for a meat fest - can't speak to the sides (potatoes and rice). Haven't been to B's Place for years, but it is perenially popular and has a wider menu.

        Mj's Bbq & Suya
        361 Parkhurst Sq, Brampton, ON L6T0C2, CA

        1. I worked with a Nigerian gentlemen at my previous job. He always use to speak of a take-joint on Wilson Avenue. Can't remember the name.

          Does anyone know which place he may have been referring to?