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Oct 27, 2006 05:48 PM

Returning to Roberto's-Any recs?

I have not been to Roberto's since they moved, in fact my last meal there was a few days before the relocation. I have the chance to go this weekend with my son. Any new recs or has the menu and specials remained relatively the same as the old location? Feedback appreciated, most of the posts on this board are a little older. Thanks!

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  1. Make sure you get the scamorza appetizer..smoked cheese melted over roasted red peppers and other delicious not miss this! (It has been on the menu a long time so you may already be familiar with this one)

    1. The menu and specials are basically unchanged, although the specials now usually include variations on a baked shrimp & scallops appetizer and a chicken-on-the-bone entree that are worth checking out (and which I don't recall appearing as regularly at the old place). The pasta in cartoccio special remains dependably outstanding; if you haven't had that before, I definitely recommend it. We almost invariably order from the specials, and - after some disappointment in the months immediately following the move - recent meals have been very good to excellent.