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Oct 27, 2006 05:42 PM

From the Boot?

Has anyone eaten at "From the Boot" in Lafeyette Hill?

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  1. It was reccomended to me on this board.

    I greatly enjoyed it.

    1. Straight ahead, no frills red gravy kind of place. Good food, huge portions. Horribly noisy.

      1. Contrary to what MEM said, I don't see it as a "red gravy" place. They have plenty of dishes that have nothing at all to do with the red gravy label. Nonetheless, it's a good neighborhood BYOB.

        Right in the same strip center is also Kimono Sushi which is also good and Caspian Grille which is kind od a middle eastern place. If you haven't tried Caspian Grill, it's got no atmosphere at all but the food is fantastic. Really good entrees, salads and oddly enough the gelato is great. It's well worth a visit.

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        1. re: Den

          are ya sure you're not thinking of the Persian Grill?

          And yes, i love From the Boot.

          1. re: rumdrinks

            I've been curious about the Caspian Grille. What sort of entrees do they have? I wouldn't say the Persian Grill has "no atmosphere" whereas it seemed like the Caspian Grill was a takeout place.

        2. We really enjoy From the Boot. I recommend the chicken marsala-excellent! I also enjoy the hot garlicky rolls served before the meal- yum :)

          1. really enjoy many of the dishes, eggplant parm, chicken midera (sp?),veal saltimbocca, even the cheesesteak too. LOVE the garlic rolls.
            never had the pizza, but always see it served.