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Oct 27, 2006 05:29 PM

central miami

Anyone know about places to eat in Central Miami, near the Convention Center? If not, how far is it to the places where most of the restaurants seem to be?

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  1. Jewish South Florida dot com has all the listings of kosher restaurants. I suggest you call the Miami ones for directions and distances from the Convention Center. I live further north so can't advise or suggest any good ones in Miami.

    1. "Central Miami"? Huh? The Convention Center? Do you mean the Miami BEACH Convention Center? There are literally dozens of kosher places within a 2 mile radius.

      1. No. It is downtown Miami. There is a separate (larger, probably) convention center in Miami Beach. It looks to me like downtown Miami is opposite the most southern part of Miami Beach. I thought there might be a deli at least in the downtown area, but I am really not familiar with the area.

        1. There's a shawarma place called Elie's Cafe downtown. It's at 145 East Flagler, right around the corner from the Miami Convention Center. There used to be something else in the Seybold Building (diamond district) but I believe it's closed. It's just a 10 minute drive to Miami Beach, however.